Great Ideas For The Perfect Date Night/Day

What have you got planned for your next date night? If you say another night in at home catching up on series or re-watching the entire Harry Potter saga, then you need to read this. It’s time to do something a little more exciting, fun, and even interesting with that special someone.

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Dates are supposed to be creative and fun, which is why we have come up with this list of local date ideas to get you out and about and exploring the city. Now that the research has been done – take your pick, mix-‘n-match and plan the perfect date for you and your sweetheart.

Daytime Date Ideas

There’s nothing better than getting fresh air, getting down and dirty with our city and experiencing it all with the one who makes your heart go boom. For an afternoon out, here are a few ideas…

Not Your Ordinary Picnic

Ever gone on a picnic in the city? Not? Then make sure you plan a wonderful gastronomic adventure. First things first – you need to decide where you’re going to set up your feast. Whether it’s in your backyard, in a park or in the middle of your lounge inside a blanket fort, the possibilities are endless. If you’re set on having it outdoors, check out our list of picnic spots .  Next up, make up your own picnic basket filled with the treats you both love. Add some bubbles or wine, if that’s your thang – or contact Dial-A-Picnic to do it all for you. Round it all off by packing cushions, a blanket and some outdoor game stuff. Even a soccer ball or a frisbee will do the trick. It’s so simple, but the time could be transformed into a day to remember…

Catch The Best Sunsets In The City

There is nothing more romantic than catching the perfect sunset. The Northcliff Water Tower, home to the second highest koppie in Johannesburg, offers breathtaking views that are best appreciated accompanied by a picnic, your sweetheart and a bunch of friends and their partners. The spot is somewhat isolated, so it is best to hang out in a group.

But if you’re looking for a more formal setting, sipping on cocktails or tucking in to a great meal, be sure to make your way to one of these top spots in the city for a stunning sunset experience.

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Trade The Sneakers For Skates

Kick off the sneakers and pull on a pair of skates for a laughter-filled date at Roll Egoli roller skate rink. Not only will enjoy some quality time together, but you will be shrieking with all the tumbling until you finally get your find your feet (or would that be ‘skates’?) Once you get the hang of it and had a bit of a work-out you might need a break. So grab your Valentine and a bite to eat at one of the the onsite eateries. The venue also has a jungle gym, trampoline, zip line and a big screen for sporting events.

Do Something Exciting!

A little extreme sport can be quite a bonding experience, so why not try something different? For some ziplining and obstacles, Acrobranch will have you and your Valentine up on high in no time. Or you could try some tubing, skiing, bum and snowboarding at Avalanche in preparation for that long distant skiing trip. Or if you’re looking to plan an adrenalin-filled double (or even triple) date with a few friends, then it’s time to head to the Woods Paintball Range. A note for the gents: make sure your date is into this type of thing –  and warn her not to dress to the nines!

Date Night Ideas

Looking to keep the date going well into the evening? Then check out these options.

Cooking Classes For Couples

As they saying goes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, which is why it might be a good idea – or a bonding experience – for couples to take a cooking class. Taste Buds Cook Club offers a Romantic Couples evening that’ll delight your taste buds and give your date night a unique twist. Couples will start off with a welcome drink before making their way to the kitchen. There you will prepare a dish which could be a starter, main course or dessert. Once your dish is done, it will be beautifully plated and ready for you to enjoy on the buffet table together with the dishes, prepared by others. So get ready for a variety of taste sensations. Click here to find out when the next Romantic Couples evening takes place and book now.

Date Night At Home Just Got A Little More Interesting

Finding it difficult to make time to plan a fun and romantic night with your special someone? Then look no further as DateFactory has just the thing for you! They make date nights as simple as possible by sending you your evening in a box, delivered right to your door. Yes, that’s right! Everything you need for a romantic night in with your partner is delivered to you in a box. Visit their website to see what boxes they have for you to try. You can even take out a subscription where date night is sorted every month. These include boxes to ‘ignite the passion’ as well as speciality boxes for special occasions. What’s in the box is a surprise. All you can expect is something good, something food, and something for the mood. What fun!

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Stargazing at The Johannesburg Planetarium

Okay, this might be a little intellectual, but why not spend the evening stargazing and enjoying our incredible night skies with your partner? The Johannesburg Planetarium offers some romantic Valentine’s Day viewings if you’re looking to start off your evening with something different. They also have The Sky Tonight shows throughout the year, so you can bank this idea for any time you want a ‘starry’, romantic evening.

Catch A Movie At The Bioscope

For a different way of seeing a movie in the city, makes sure you check out the lineup at The Bioscope in the Maboneng Precinct. They screen interesting films every night of the week  and even offer the occasional outdoor cinema experience that allows you to catch a movie surrounded by the stunning views of the inner city under the night sky. Make sure you take a comfy pillow and warm blanket on outdoor nights. Definitely a unique way to sit back, relax and enjoy. Visit their site to see what movies they will be screening. They have something special planned for Valentine’s Day. The Canteen restaurant is a short walk away and a must for a pre-movie snack, dinner or drink. Tell Matthew we sent you…and, you’re welcome.

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  1. It is nice to get some new ideas for date night, to keep things interesting and exciting. The same stuff over and over can become boring, then your date might think you are a boring person. And one can only come up with so many ideas.

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