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Need a special date idea that’s not too far from Joburg? Well, we know just the place! Out in Lanseria is the beautiful and serene Lethabo Estate. Located alongside the Crocodile River, this is the idea spot if you’re looking for a unique picnic date experience, or simply just want to be immersed in nature. Here’s why you need to plan your next date at this gorgeous establishment.

Lethabo Estate: A Tranquil Escape

A short drive from both Johannesburg and Pretoria, you’ll find the tranquil and isolated destination of Lethabo Estate, situated within The Crocodile River Reserve. Here, you’ll experience top-notch hospitality and rustic nature at its best.

Think romantic picnic experiences alongside the banks of the river, gorgeous views, beautiful accommodation, and a rejuvenating spa. This all makes for the ideal setting to escape the rush of the city.

Be sure to order something delicious from their kitchen. Their dishes and picnics are sure to delight your taste buds as you immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the flowing river and appreciating nature. The food that they serve is ethically sourced, and their dishes are garnished with herbs grown from their onsite garden.

Their Romantic Riverside Picnics Are A Must!

We first experienced this lovely destination with a romantic riverside picnic. It was last year’s Valentine’s Day surprise for one of our team members, and she absolutely loved it. A riverside picnic for two is definitely a romantic experience if you’re looking to sweep that special someone off their feet.

Their Riverside Picnics offer a variety of options, whether you’re looking for something unique for date night or simply just want to escape the rush of everyday life and enjoy nature and its tranquility. Take your pick from one of the following:

The Breakfast Picnic – R435 per person, served from 09:00 to 11:00

Start off your day on a high note with Lethabo Estate’s Breakfast Picnic. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Crocodile River while indulging in a scrumptious breakfast. The breakfast delights include: Fresh Orange juice and Grenadine; Muesli and Vanilla Yoghurt Cups; Seasonal Fruit skewers garnished with Cinnamon; Smoked Salmon Trout with capers; Mushrooms, Sausage and Bacon; Spanish Omelet; and Mini Croissants with preserves.

The Gourmet Romantic Picnic – R 650 per person

This is the picnic we experienced, and it was oh-so romantic! Romantic yet affordable. And it’ll definitely make an impression on your sweetheart! The cost includes their lovely picnic menu, a welcome drink on arrival, as well as complimentary bubbly or wine for you to enjoy. This is the perfect date idea, set in a secluded and beautiful spot next to the river.

And the setup is so lovely! Relax on a comfy mattress adorned with pillows and throws, under Caribbean umbrellas. While you delight your taste buds, enjoy nature, admire the bird life and beautiful river view. And should it rain, you’ll be relocated to the pool deck on couches, secluded from other guests.

The Luxury Romantic Picnic – R960 per person from 11:30 to 16:00 or from 16:30 to 21:00

If you’re looking for more privacy, the Luxury Romantic Picnic is the perfect retreat on the river. Setup under a Bedouin tent or little thatched gazebo, enjoy the romance on comfortable bed covered with earthy toned throws and cushions to blend with the surrounding nature. Definitely the ideal option if you’re looking to be completely alone with your partner.

The Boudoir Romantic Picnic – R 1800 per person

For the ultimate in luxury and romance, this is the picnic option you want to choose! The gorgeous Boudoir Romantic Picnic is completely private and ideal for very special occasions. This option is set in either The Willow Tree Hideaway or King Fisher River Loft, both are private honeymoon boudoirs, nestled on stills on the river banks. The cost includes your choice of picnic menu, a welcome drink upon arrival, and complimentary bubbly or wine and selected drinks. We think this is the perfect perch for a proposal!

This destination offers a beautiful hideaway that’s sure to leave you feeling inspired, refresh, and reconnected with nature. We highly suggest you give the breathtaking and unique Lethabo Estate a visit and experience it for yourself. They offer far more than just romantic riverside picnics. Visit their website for more information.

For More Information

For more information, visit their website at

You can also contact them by calling 082 654 1690 or emailing

Don’t forget to follow Lethabo Estate on their various social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – to stay informed on their latest offers and events, news and information, and more.

Address: 25 Jukskeidrif Road, Pretoria Rural, Lanseria, Johannesburg

Images from Lethabo Estate.

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