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Time To Get The Kids Back To School!

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It's that time once again! Parents, it's time to get the kids ready to go back to school! That means funky stationery shopping, school uniform searching and getting them all fresh to start a new year. 

If you have no clue where to start when it comes to getting your little one ready for another year of learning, then take a look at our Back To School Guide below. We have everything you'll need from information on the best schools in the province – government and private, from preschool all the way to college – and the best stationery deals to where to find their school uniforms, lunchbox ideas and much more.

What Are You Looking For? 

Schools In Johannesburg
School Stationery & Supplies
Uniforms, Grooming & Routine
Back to School and Mental Health
Extra Curricular Fun

Schools In Johannesburg

Schools In Johannesburg

From the building blocks of preschool to the career defining tertiary institutes, Joburg has plenty of schools for you to choose from to ensure the best education possible for your kids, and even yourself. So, if you're in the process of enrolling your child into school for the first time, are looking to change your choice of school, or simply want to see how you can further your education, be sure to take a look at our school listings here.

Click here for Schools in Johannesburg. 

Drama Schools In Joburg

Are your little ones born to be famous? Then why not get a head start on their performance skills by enrolling them into one of these top-notch drama schools in the city? You'll be able to find them at all corners of city, offering a creative extra mural activity that they'll love.

Click here for Drama Schools in Johannesburg.

Swimming Schools In Joburg

For both safety and sporting athletic reasons, taking your children for swimming lessons is highly beneficial! From baby swimming classes to training for the school swim team, take a look at this list of swimming schools throughout the city. There's a wide range of classes for you to choose from, no matter you reason for enrolling your little ones.

Click here for Swimming Schools in Johannesburg.

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Stationery & Supplies

School Bag Essentials

While you're stocking up on all of your stationery, why not grab a new other school bag essentials to add to your backpack? Here are a few suggestions of what you should have handy in your bag while you're at school, attending your varsity classes, or working from the office.

Click here for school bag essentials.

Back To School Deals 2022

To ensure you get more bang for your buck and stick to your stationery budget, be sure not to miss out on these Back To School Deals 2022 at many of our favourite stationery shops and stockists throughout the city. From calculators and mathematics sets to colouring pencils, erasers, pens, painter, files, examination pads, books, book covers and much more, you're sure to fins everything you need right here.

Click here for Back To School Deals 2022.

Stationery Stores In Joburg

There are plenty of stores for you to visit and browse through when you need to shop all things stationery! From the usual items to something personalised and even a little bit quirky, you're sure to find everything you need on your school/varsity/office list at these well-known stores. And best of all, you can also do your shopping online and have it all delivered right to your door!

Click here for Stationery Stores in Johannesburg. 

Uniforms, Grooming & Routine

School Uniform Stores & Suppliers In Joburg

Whether your kids are starting their school careers or are simply just growing out of their current uniforms too quickly, we know where to get the clothing they need. From suppliers and stores to blazers, shoes, white shirts, jerseys, windbreakers and much more, you're sure to find it at one of these stores.

Click here for School Uniform Stores & Suppliers In Joburg. 

Back To School Haircuts

Does your child need a fresh haircut before they head back to school? Not to worry, there are plenty of kid-friendly salons throughout the city that'll make their haircut experience fun and tear-free. Specialising in all hair types, styles and ages, here's our list of kid-friendly salons.

Click here for Kid-Friendly Salons in Joburg. 

Get Your Kids Back Into Routine

Let's face it, after the school holidays, your kids' routine has gone out the window! But not to fret, getting them back into their usual routine to ensure they're bright eyed and bushy tailed is a lot easier than you think. We have a few tips to help you get the kids back into their daily week day regime, patience and consistency are the key! Good luck!

Click here for Back To School Routine Tips.

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Back To School And Mental Health

The world is starting to acknowledge the need to talk about mental health more openly, and we couldn't be happier about that. Unfortunately, the mental health of children is often neglected or misdiagnosed. We've had a tumultuous few years with plenty of uncertainty and disruptions - and your child may be feeling the effects of that.

Moreover, school has never been more demanding. Homework, the pressure to achieve, parent and teacher expectations, peer pressure, bullying and feeling left out can all have an impact on your child's mental health. First off, check for signs that your child may need a therapist. Then read up on child psychologists, psychiatrists and play therapy to make an informed decision on what would be best for them.

Extra Curricular Fun

After School Activities

To balance education and entertainment, fun extra curricular activities is a must! Other than the various sports activities and drama clubs available, there are other unique activities you can consider. Take a look at our list of other fun and exciting extra curricular activities you and your kids can consider.

Click here for Fun Extra Curricular Activities in Joburg.



Au Pair Services

Struggling to juggle your time and resources? Need some additional assistance in fetching, caring and helping your kids with their homework? If you answered yes, then why not contact one of these au pair services to find and hire the perfect fit for you and your family.

Click here for Au Pair Services in Joburg.

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