Our Favourite Au Pair Services In Joburg

Back to school for your kids also means back to work for you. So who’s looking after your little ones while you go get that bacon? Worry not: have a look at our top picks of Au Pair services available in Johannesburg.

Au Pair Services

Hands-On Au Pair Agency

If you take great care in recruiting new employees, then Hands-On Au Pair Agency should definitely be at the top of your list. The au pairs are experienced and respectful of your preferences when it comes to how you want your child taken care of. They are also trained in first-aid, HR and recruitment, plus they drive their own cars. You can rest assured that your child is in good hands.

Au Pair SA

Want a quick and easy way to find an au pair that best matches your family and requirements? Then visit Au Pair SA for a range of candidates to pick from — not only in Johannesburg but the whole of SA. They provide services ranging from driving your kids to and from school, to helping with their homework and you can even pick whether you want the au pair to live in or out.

First Class Domestic & Child Care

Perhaps you have a big family or are in need of different services? Well, look no further than First Class Domestic & Child Care. Providing services such as the training and placement of domestic workers, child care providers, tutors, au pairs, frail-care caregivers — you have all you need on one site. And if it’s a butler or driver you need for your children, they have that as well!

Professional Placement Services

Whether it’s childcare, homework supervision, babysitting, lifting schemes in a permanent or only a temporary position, then Professional Placement Services are your go-to people. Parents can rest easy in the knowledge that their precious little ones are well taken care of while being helped with study skills and general development.

Tip-Top Au Pairs

For all parents, it’s important that their child’s au pair has to have a genuine interest in children and want to spend time with them. This is one of the top requirements for child companions at Tip-Top Au Pairs. This, coupled with wanting to invest in the child’s life and development, assures you of child minding that promises the best care available.

By Cleopatra Shava

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