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School Bag Essentials

School Bag Essentials

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Back-to-school means stationery, school uniforms and school bags. But what to pack to ensure your little ones are fully prepared for the new school year? Don't fret, we've got you covered with this list of school bag essentials.  School Bag Essentials


Before we go into what to pack in their school bag, let's talk about where to find the perfect bag. Kids use their school bags every day, and they're usually heavy! It's important to get them a good quality bag that will last all year - and beyond! We love these student bags available at Takealot, Typo, Game and Makro.

Aside: Talking about school bags, do kids wear their backpacks with both straps, or slung over one shoulder nowadays? Or do they use knapsacks? We'd love to know.




Kids need a lot of textbooks! History, Geography, Life Science, Physical Science, Mathematics, English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Life Orientation, Visual Art, Computer Science, Business Studies, Accounting; the list is endless. However, it is a school bag essential. If your kids' school doesn't have lockers, pack necessary textbooks according to their timetable to lighten the load. Not sure where to get all these textbooks? Check out this article for some suggestions.


Apart from all the textbooks, kids also need notebooks for each of their subjects to make notes and complete exercises in. Notebooks come in a range of soft covers, hard covers, thin, thick, small and big. Most schools will specify the type of book necessary for each subject in the required stationery list. Just remember to keep some spare books or an examination pad handy in case one of the books runs out. We love the bulk options available at Makro, that way you can buy all the notebooks all your children will need in one swoop, and maybe have a few extra for next year.


Kids have a surprisingly busy schedule with their various classes, extra mural activities, homework and after school activities. Help them stay organised with an awesome diary. These are available in all shapes, sizes and colours. This is a great way for them to add a personal touch to their school stuff. The diaries and journals available at Typo makes us wish we were teenagers again.


Let your kids keep a flip file handy to keep spare pages such as worksheets, notes and school newsletters safe from the rest of the rumble in their bags. Most stationery stores have a wide range of files, but we are fond of the options at Westpack.

text books



All stationery cases need a few essential items. These include blue and black pens, an HP pencil, an eraser, sharpener, ruler, glue, scissors and calculator. Even in adulthood, we need these items on a regular basis. CNA has a diverse range of all your stationery needs.


One of the best things about stationery is that it helps us stay organised in a fun and creative way. We suggest keeping some sticky notes or notepads handy, as well as a range of colourful highlighters. Check out The Crazy Store for some affordable and fun choices.

Something Extra

As we said before, we think stationery is super fun and creative. So why not indulge in fun stationery? We're talking colour and glitter pens, in many different shapes and sizes. We love the paw pens available at Typo.


Food and Drink


Kids need nutrients to keep their brains fuelled all day long. Pack them a healthy lunch consisting of carbohydrates, protein, fruit and vegetables. Check out this article for some healthy lunch ideas.


Remember, kids wake up super early and spend just about the whole day learning and running around. One meal just won't cut it. So, pack some extra snacks for them to nibble on throughout the day. Good snacks include fruit, vegetables, nuts, biltong and yoghurt. Read this nifty article for some more healthy snack ideas.


We want our little ones to stay hydrated. Pack them a bottle of water along with their juice, Milo or drinking yoghurt boxes to keep them hydrated through all their sports and long classes. Woolworths has some great lunch bag and water bottle options for the little ones that will keep their lunch, drinks and snacks cool and lasting throughout the day.

lunch box


Extra Murals

We recommend having a separate bag for extra mural items, as there's already so much stuff loaded into their school bags. Pack a sports bag with the correct sporting shoes, clothing and, don't forget, a pair of clean socks. Some of these uniform stores specialise in school sporting uniforms, too.

Health & Beauty 

Remember to include health and beauty essentials in your kids' school bag. These include face masks, a bottle of hand sanitiser, sun block, feminine hygiene products for older girls, tissues and plasters. Also, if your child has any health issues, it's very important to pack them their necessary healthcare products - we're talking asthma pumps, an Epi-Pen for allergies, insulin for children with diabetes, etc. It is also important to inform the school and/or teachers about any such health problems.



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