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Swimming Schools In Joburg

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Parents start taking their babies and kids for formal swimming lessons at various ages, but websites such as Baby Centre recommend starting at the age of three. As of this age, kids are able to understand take instructions from the instructor. However, for younger kids, parent-child classes are highly recommended. We took a look at some of the swimming schools in our city just for you.


MySwim offer swimming lessons for babies from six months old. They believe that starting your baby off at this early age can prevent aquaphobia and allows for the baby's strong reflexes to be taken full advantage of. MySwim follows the Professional Baby Swimming Teachers Association (PBSTA) method of teaching babies and toddlers how to swim. The PBSTA lesson structure comprises 12 different exercises, repeated at every lesson. Your baby/toddler will move onto more challenging tasks only once they are ready to progress. MySwim understands that each person progresses at their own pace, so there's no pressure for you or your baby to be at a certain level within a certain time frame.

Details: +27 11 462 9607 / [email protected] /

Little Fishes

Little Fishes has been running for over 30 years, developing extensive knowledge in the aquatics arena. So, you can rest assured that you and your child are in great hands. The AquaTots classes for children between six months and three years old are a gentle introduction to water. From the age of three years and above, formal swimming lessons begin. From there on, swimmers can learn stroke lessons and stroke correction.

Details: +27 84 863 4051/ [email protected] /

Deane's Swim School

Deane's Swim School offers formal swimming lessons for children from three years old. The central ethos of Deane's Swim School is: "Swimming is a lifetime skill and, as such, the learning experience in and with water should be done in a fun, relaxed environment, no matter what level or age one is, in order to build a lifetime of love for and affinity with water." This swim school which was established over 25 years ago offers a variety of swimming classes. Ranging from water familiarisation and safety, to advanced stroke correction and an introduction to squad training. Lessons are taught in small and manageable groups. As such, individual attention to improve your skills is a guarantee.

Details: +27 83 455 1719 / [email protected] / Facebook

Aqua Junction Swim School

Aqua Junction Swim School offer infant and toddler programmes, children's beginner programmes, stroke correction and adult swim lessons by highly qualified, skilled instructors. They also have underwater photography. Now that's something worth jumping on board for. Above and beyond that, you can also get lesson DVDs for the avid student willing to take on extra lessons at home. This school offers morning classes at nursery schools for the convenience of parents.

Details: 011 862 1010 or 084 840 2332 / [email protected] /

Starfish Swimming School

Starfish Swimming School offers baby swimming from six months to three years, presented in an interactive sing-song way of teaching. As a bonus, moms or dads are in the water with little one learning together. It's a fun and secure way for your little one to become familiar with water and learn to swim at an early age. Starfish Swimming School also believes that this time in the water is beneficial for growing bodies, as swimming helps children with strength and co-ordination. Formal learn-to-swim lessons start for children from two-and-a-half years old upwards. Lessons are taught through fun and innovative methods in classes of 3–4 pupils. Classes are 30 minutes long with 10 minutes playtime if there is parental supervision.

Details: +27 72 623 2941 / [email protected] /

The Swim School

The Swim School offers learn-to-swim classes to nursery schools from Monday to Friday. They also give private lessons to students from Monday to Saturday, at various times. Additionally, the school offers squad training and adult classes. The Swim School starts with children from the age of three years old. Their main focus is the overall development and growth of each and every child and building life skills that will give them the confidence and perseverance to be the best they can be. They also acknowledge that all children are different, having developed a unique system of teaching to accommodate this. Each and every child develops at his or her own pace. All the while they work hard, have fun and learn new skills.

Details: +27 11 674 2530 / [email protected] /

*Disclaimer: is not affiliated with any of the swimming schools mentioned above. The list has been compiled at the discretion of the journalist. 


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