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Stationery Stores in Johannesburg

Stationery Stores in Johannesburg

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It’s that time again – it’s time for your kids to get back to school! And this means that it’s time to get some shopping done to ensure that your children have everything they need to be prepared for the new school year.

Stationery Checklist

We have based this checklist on what students may need for school or varsity. Then again, there's no harm in having all of this stationery handy for the office too. You know, just in case.

  • A4 hardcover books
  • Examination pads
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Blue ballpoint pens
  • Colouring pencils
  • HB pencils
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Oxford Dictionary
  • School diary
  • Calculator
  • Oxford mathematical set

Other than getting their school uniforms, stationery is a necessary part of your child’s education. For everything you need when it comes to stationery requirements, you can find it all from these stationery stores in the Joburg.

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The Usual Stores


CNA is one of the most popular and trusted stationery stores in the country! They offer everything from books and examinations pads, to every other basic stationery item that you can think of! Click here to find a store near you. You can also shop online at


From stationery, arts and crafts supplies and equipment to office items, educational goodies and plenty of inspiration, PNA has a vast selection of stationery to choose from. Click here to find a store near you. You can also shop online at


To add something trendy, funky, fun or quirky to your or your kid's back-to-school gear, be sure to pay a visit to Typo and check out what's on their shelves! They have a creative selection of notebooks, diaries, pens and pencil cases, and other accessories! You can visit one of their stores or you can shop online and have all of your goodies delivered right to your door.


Not only does Woolies offer great lunchbox ideas and snacks to keep yourself and your kids fed and fuelled for a day filled with classes and meetings, it also offers stationery essentials to get your kids (and even yourself) ready to get back to school (or work, in your case). You can also shop online at


Forgot a few stationery essentials or looking to save some money on your stationery shopping? Well, look no further, as Checkers has some awesome deals and offers great back-to-school savings! Visit your nearest branch and pick up a few things while doing your weekly groceries.

Pick ‘n Pay

Get back into the swing of things with Pick ‘n Pay and their Back-To-School goodies, offering all the stationery essentials you need, as well as lunchbox ideas and treats! You can also shop for your stationery stock online and have it delivered to your desired address.


Need to buy stationery in bulk without busting your budget? then be sure to visit Makro and take a look at their wide range of stationery items ranging from stamps and ink pads, rulers and geometry sets, punches and staplers to markers, pens and pencils, board dusters, school bags and much more. You can visit one of the stores throughout the city or shop for all of your needs online.


For a wide range of stationery at amazing prices that won't cost you a fortune, Game will have everything you need school stationery wise, as well as a much of other useful items such as school bags, lunchboxes, funky accessories and even lots of Back To School snacks! You can either shop in store or online!

School Bag Essentials

Something Unique


Looking for school stationery and accessories that's uniquely designed, colourful, playful and engaging? Then be sure to visit Yokico and take a look at all the delightful items that they have in store! Their products will most certainly delight and inspire children of all ages to put their tech gadgets down and draw, create, play and write for a change. Click here to take a look at their vibrant range of back to school goodies.

BLOTT Stationery

BLOTT is a stationery and novelty gift store that offers a wide selection of quirky and trendy items that's sure to put a smile across anyone's face. Pay them a visit and take a look at their selection of interesting yet fun erasers, funky pens, vibrant notebooks and stickers, cool school bags, as well as unique lunch tins and water bottles. Click here to see what's on their Back To School Cool List for 2021.


Other than hunting and getting your hands on all the stationery you could possibly ever need, you'll also have to label them with your kid's name. And if you're looking for unique name labels to stick or iron onto all your child's school clothing, books and pencils, then be sure to take a look at Labels4School. They have plenty of cool label designs that come in packs in various sizes, including the starter pack, super pack and budget pack if you're not looking to overspend during your stationery run! You can expect a wide selection of labels, including iron-on labels and special wrap around labels perfect for pens and pencils.


Image from Labels4School.


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