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Fun And Different Extramural Activities For Your Kids

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Let’s face it: there are so many extramural activities in Joburg, but none that really stand out. Everyone is doing piano lessons, ballet or horse riding, but what if your child isn’t interested in the mainstream activities and wants to do something different? Keep reading, as we have a list of fun extramural activities in the city for your kids to try out. kids-top

Join The Freestyle Academy Workshops at BOUNCE

Looking for an exciting extramural activity that will thrill and excite the kids? Well, why not sign them up for BOUNCE's Freestyle Academy Workshops. Now, just so you know, this isn't just a 'jump up and down on the trampoline' workshop. This workshop cover a wide range of Trampoline and Freestyle skills, ranging from beginner to advanced moves. Workshop participants must be seven year old or older and must be taller than 125cm. Visit their website to book your spots ASAP.

Do Parkour at George Lea Park

We are always looking for activities that'll keep our kids moving, active and busy while enjoying the outdoors. The Concrete Foundation Crew offers just the workshop for your kids. Ever considered letting your kids try out parkour? Not only is it 'cool', but it's also a great activity if you want the kids to step away from the TV, their phones or their Play Stations/Nintendos/Wii/Xbox/whatever. These parkour classes take place at the George Lea Sports Park every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 17:00 — 19:00 and Saturdays from 08:00 — 10:00 Contact them for more information.

Concrete Foundation Crew

Athlete: Bjorn De Klerk. Photo by Concrete Foundation Crew member, Shawn van Zyl.

Join A Guides Or Scouts Club

Guides and Scouts clubs have long entertained and provided valuable life skills for millions of children, so why not let your little ones join one of these special organisations to get them outdoors, learning new skills, camping and even selling brownies! Most clubs accept boys and girls from the age of seven to 17 and teach complementary skills. Most club members attest that these clubs taught them a few lessons that stuck with them for the rest of their lives. Take a look at Scouts South Africa or Robin Hills Scout Group.


Learn A New Language

There is nothing more interesting than learning a foreign language. When you first hear a new language, the sound is so unique and different that you cannot help but notice and listen. If you’re interested in offering your child the opportunity to learn about another world, its language, culture and customs, 2017 is the year to do it. For Italian, Società Dante Alighieri Johannesburg offers extramural classes for children and teenagers. If you’d rather want them to parlez vous français, Alliance Francaise offer French courses for students.


Take Centre Stage With Some Drama Classes

Is your child a born performer and wants to have a future in television or theatre? Then why not nurture that dream and passion with drama or acting classes for kids? Not only will it build your child’s self-confidence, but it will also provide them with life and communication skills. If this sounds like an amazing opportunity for your little one, check out the drama programs at Helen O’Grady Drama Academy or for acting lessons, try Kids On Camera.


Let Your Little Ones Get Creative With Sewing Classes

Crafting is fun and it’s even more so when your child can use these skills throughout their lifetime – whether they’re looking to create unique items or make their way into fashion design. If sewing sounds like a great creative outlet for your little one, Sew ‘n Grow is just the place to be. Not only do they offer sewing classes, but they also have sewing holiday programs to keep crafty kids creating when school is out.


Have we left out any great unusual extramural activities for kids that you love? Let us know below!


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  1. Defianz Calisthenics hosts a Teens Calisthenics class on a Wednesday afternoon from 15:00-16:00. Pull-ups, push ups, handstands and monkey bars - a different yet classic way to get fit!

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