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Where David Higgs Likes To Hang Out

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David Higgs has become a household name over the past three years. From his explosion onto the mainstream scene at the Saxon Hotel to opening Marble in Rosebank, there's no stopping this talented man.  We pin him down for a moment and chat about where he likes to hang out.

You've got 30 minutes to squeeze in a quick breakfast, where do you go?

4th Ave Coffee Roasters in Parkhurst... Busi makes the best eggs in the country! It also happens to be my favourite meal of the day.

Who roasts the best coffee in Joburg?

For coffee, I also head to 4th Avenue Coffee Roasters – there’s one just down the road from my house. Their coffee is always consistent and the service is great. Depending on my mood (and what’s needed) I either order a cappuccino or double espresso.

Is there a fast food menu item that you simply can't get enough of?

Either Korean chicken wings and fresh slaw from the Great Eastern Food Bar in Melville, or a Kung Pow Bao from Momo Bauhaus in Greenside.

Where do you go to get your Mexican food fix?

In Cape Town for sure - El Burro. Sascha Berolski’s place. Love his work.

When it comes to fine dining, who does it right?

Greg from The Restaurant at Waterkloof has an incredible pedigree. His experience of working with one of the best chefs in Paris in a three-star Michelin restaurant, together with an incredibly creative mind, means he puts together some of the most thought-provoking food in South Africa at the moment. Incredible presentation, backed-up by delicate flavours, makes him hard to beat.

Who has the best decor and design in Joburg?

We do! Our interior designer, Irene Kyriacou, really captured the essence of what we were trying to achieve – a celebration of quintessential South African culture. It was a collaborative effort between Irene, Redecco, Grid and a host of selected South African artists and artisans including Damien Grivas, Mervyn Gers, KrisJan Rossouw and Peter Mthombeni. All of the interior items and pieces are from local designers such as Laurie Van Heerden from WIID, and lights from Anatomy and Goet. She has also just redone my home. Thanks, Irene!

When you have friends or family visiting from out of town, which restaurant do you take them to?

Tortellini d’Oro has for a long time been a favourite. Unpretentious and really honest food.

It's payday and you feel like having a big, gourmet dinner. Where do you go?

The Saxon has been a special place for me for a number of reasons. I recently sat on the terrace with my better half, Regina, and had the most memorable evening...


You can catch David's unique and daring style of cooking at his joint venture with Gary Kyriacou, Marble in Rosebank.

By Shawn Greyling


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