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What To Do For New Year's In Joburg – 2021/2022

What To Do For New Year's In Joburg – 2021/2022

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End your year off with a bang with these New Year's Eve/Day celebrations. Whether you prefer to have a good meal with your loved ones or want to dance your way into 2022 with an epic party, we have something for everyone. Booking is essential, so be sure to make your reservations or get your tickets as soon as possible. 

2021 has been one challenging and unpredictable year! There have been plenty of ups and downs, that's for sure! We can only hope 2022 will be better. And to dance and dine our way into a more positive, prosperous and exciting year filled with plenty of adventures, successes and happiness, we have come up with a cheerful New Year's Eve guide. Although celebrating might be a little different this year, there's still some entertainment and parties taking place throughout the city. Here's to 2022!

Please note: We are still in the midst of a pandemic, the fourth wave is looming, and there is a new variant – Omnicron. With this in mind, please do ensure that you adhere to all of the safety practices and precautions. Get vaccinated, wear a face mask over your nose and mouth, keep your distance from those around you, wash and sanitise your hands regularly and keep them away from your mouth, nose and eyes.

What Are You Looking For?

New Year's Eve Dinners
New Year's Eve Entertainment

New Year's Eve Dinners

Dress up to the nines, reminisce about the last 12 months and dine on exquisite cuisine at one of these New Year's Eve dinners across the city. This is just the thing if you're looking to enjoy a meal before you head out to an epic party to ring in the New Year, or if you're simply just looking for a relaxed and delicious way to welcome a brand-new year filled with new possibilities, challenges and adventures. Be sure to book well in advance as, due to health and safety protocols and regulations, there'll be limited space and seating.

Explore New Year's Eve Dinners In Joburg.

New Year's Entertainment

So, just like 2020, we'll be celebrating the new year a little differently this year, again. And since we're in the fourth wave, we think it's best that maybe we make plans to stay home this year and make the most of the arrival of 2022 surrounded by family and friends, the outdoors, safely away from crowds. Need a few ideas as to what you can do on New Year's Eve? Well, here are a few suggestions.

See The Festive Season Lights

Now, the dazzling holiday season lights will be up until early January 2022. So, if you haven't had an opportunity to see the dazzling displays across the city, then be sure to take a look at our list of destinations and pay them a visit if you want to enjoy some beautiful lights with your family and friends.

Family-Friendly Activities

Get out of the house and explore all of the fun and thrills that Joburg has to offer. Be sure to contact these family-friendly destinations in the city to see if they will be open and operating during the holiday season, but most places will be open on the days in between the public holidays. This is a great way to spend your free time, find new places to experience and explore, and offers some great entertainment to keep your loved ones entertained.

Board Games & Movie Night!

Grab the snacks and your competitive spirit and ring in the new year having loads of fun with your loved ones playing board games and watching a few movies? As for board games, here is a list of family friendly options if you'd also like to cater to the younger members of your family. And when it comes to movies, there's a wide selection of genres and flicks to choose from on Netflix. Or even better, why not grab your loved ones and head to the cinema to catch one of the latest blockbusters?

Water Parks In Joburg

Since we're right in the middle of summer, we need some fun that'll keep us cool! So, why not head to one of these water parks in Joburg? Each of them offer a different experience, whether you're looking for wild rides, exciting slides, fun fountains, lazy rafting and much more. Click here to find the closest water park near you and what they have to offer.


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