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Not in the mood for the tedious trip down to the coast this year? Or simply just want to avoid the hordes taking over the beaches? Then why not enjoy a fabulous staycation in our beloved city? Here is our complete guide to making your Joburg staycation an amazing one. 


Enjoy the relaxation and thrills of a vacation without leaving the city with our staycation guide. Book yourself a room at one of the stunning hotels across Joburg offering amazing staycation deals, grab a few sundowners on their pool decks and unwind with amazing views of the cityscape. Looking for something to do? Not a problem! The city is filled with loads of adventures, restaurants, retail hubs and tourist hot spots to enjoy, explore and experience. Keep reading to fins out what you can get up to during your Joburg staycation. Happy vacaying!

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Accommodation in Joburg

Staycation Deals In & Around The City

Looking to enjoy a staycation that won’t bust the bank? Then be sure to take a look at these Staycation Deals in and around Johannesburg. This is the perfect way to save a few bucks on accommodation and spend your money on making your staycation as exciting and memorable as possible with all of the exciting activities, restaurants and retail hubs within the city. Here are the 2020 festive season staycation deals available. Book now as rooms and validity are subject to change.

Explore Joburg Staycation Deals

Accommodation & Hotels In Joburg

For all of your accommodation needs when visiting the City of Gold , we have got you covered with our hotel and accommodation guide to the city! We’ve gone on a hunt around Joburg, to find and share various accommodation options to suite all occasions, budgets and styles. With a wide selection of hotels, guest house, lodges and backpacker hostels to choose from, you will definitely find the perfect fit to call your home away from home during your staycation.

Explore Hotels & Accommodation In Johannesburg.

The Capital Hotels & Apartments

Shopping In Joburg

Malls Throughout The City

When it comes to shopping in Joburg, you’ll most definitely be spoilt for choice! There are plenty of retail hubs at all corners of the city, offering everything from high-end fashion, lifestyle services and stunning accessories to lovely eateries, big screen entertainment and much more. And during the festive season, there’s no better excuse to visit these shopping destinations and spoiling yourself and loved ones with something special and to take in the merry and cheerful atmosphere.

Explore Shopping Destinations In Joburg.

friends out shopping together
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Entertainment In Joburg

Be A Tourist In Joburg

Whether you live in Joburg or not, there’s no better way to explore and experience the city and everything is has to offer than by visiting all of the popular and bustling tourist spots. From safari game drives through one of our well-known nature reserves to travelling back in time at some of Joburg’s many museums to getting your adrenaline pumping at the Orlando Towers and walking the streets of Jozi with unique and unforgettable heritage tours of the CBD, there’s something for everyone.

Explore Tourist Attractions In Johannesburg.

Family-Friendly Fun For All

Got the little ones in tow? Not a problem, the city offers a wide range of family-friendly activities that’s sure to delight both young and the young at heart. Touch a baby crocodile or a slithery snake and get up close and personal with a hairy tarantula at Croc City & Reptile Park; visit the beautiful and oh-so vibrant residents of the Montecasino Bird Gardens; get the adrenaline pumping at Jozi X Adventure Centre; or simply free in your inner Picasso and paint up a storm at Artjamming. There’s so much to do in Joburg as a family.

Explore Family-Friendly Activities In Joburg.


Things To Do In Joburg

Looking for more things to do in the City of Gold? Then look no further than our entertainment guide, just click here to view it. We have got you covered with casinos in and around Joburg, unique and inspiring markets that take place throughout the city, where to catch the latest blockbusters straight from Hollywood, and much more. The city is buzzing with so many things for you to do and try.

Explore Things To Do In Joburg.

silverstar movies
Image from Silverstar Casino.

Free Things To Do In Joburg

On a tight budget during your staycation? Well, we have found a few free things you can do in the city that will most definitely not bust the bank. Believe it or not, the city does offer free museum tours and art gallery exhibition viewings, entrance fee free weekend markets, beautiful parks, and even something rather unique, The Nan Hua Buddhist Temple.

Explore Free Things To Do In Joburg.

Chinese New Year Festival 2019 at Nan Hua Temple

Day Trip Adventures

Now that you’ll have more time on your hands, why not plan an exciting agenda filled with day trips in and around the city? From outdoor adventures perfect for all ages, animal of all kinds, and treetop thrills to safari game drives, a world that’s upside down, and much more, we have found some exciting day trips you need to experience during the festive season.

Explore Day Trips In & Around Joburg.

Keep Cool At These Water Parks

Our summers can be quite sweltering, and what better way to keep cool than by visiting one of Gauteng’s popular water parks? There are a few in and around Joburg that you definitely need to visit during the summer holidays. There’s also plenty of fun-filled activities including thrilling slides, lazy rivers, big pools and much more. Don’t forget the sunnies, caps and sunscreen!

Explore Water Parks In & Around Joburg

happy island

Dining In Joburg

Child-Friendly Restaurants In Joburg

Let’s face it, finding a restaurant that’ll not only let your dine out as a family but also keep the kids entertained can be a little bit of a mission. But not to worry, we have found a list of child-friendly restaurants that’ll delight both young and old. Think play areas and jungle gyms to keep the little ones busy while the parents relax and enjoy their meals, kiddies menus with plenty of meals perfect for young diners, and a chilled atmosphere ideal for families to spend some quality time together.

Explore Child-Friendly Restaurants In Joburg.

child friendly

New Restaurants In Joburg

New restaurants are always popping up in the City of Gold! So, if you’re looking to see what’s new on the foodie scene, who has new menus waiting for you to savour and enjoy, who’s the new restaurant on the block and more, click here to see what’s happening. There’s sure to be a must-visit restaurant that’ll delight your taste buds and have you coming back for more.

Explore New Restaurants In Joburg.

pablo sandton
Image from Pablo Sandton via Facebook.

More Restaurants In Joburg

Want to explore all of the divine restaurants Joburg has to offer? Then be sure to check out our restaurant guide to the city. You’ll be spoilt for choice with a wide selection of cuisines, settings and menus. There’s something for on-the-go, for that special occasion you want to celebrate, for a lovely family get-together, or for a great night out with family and/or friends.

Explore Restaurants In Joburg.

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