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Gold Room By Michelin Starred Chef

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Renowned French chef, Daniel Galmiche will be opening his new restaurant, The Gold Room in Milpark during the fourth quarter of 2018. gold room

Under the masterful eye of Michel Roux, a young Daniel Galmiche honed his culinary skills. That was during the 70s when Michelin stars were first awarded to restaurants in the UK. Roux's London based eatery was one of the first to receive this accolade - two stars to be exact. Indirectly that was a premonition to Daniel Galmiche's career. Fast forward to 2018 and Chef Galmiche has been holding his own Michelin stars for nearly three decades - four to be exact. Why is this important? Daniel Galmiche is opening a restaurant in Johannesburg - The Gold Room.

gold room

The Gold Room is set to be a fusion restaurant located in the QSL private member’s club in Milpark. The QSL members club is described as a tailored home, an exquisitely intimate and textured space for those who are moving the world forward. While the club itself is for members only (with membership fees starting at R10 000 and spiking up  to R500 000 per person), the new fine-dining restaurant will be open to the public... thankfully.

Though the menu is still being built, we can expect food fares professionally plated and made with fresh, local ingredients. Our prediction would be that fish will play a poignant role in both entrés and mains as Daniel Galmiche is the ambassador for the Norwegian Sea Food Council (and Galmiche enjoys playing around with line fish fillets, as seen in his London based restaurant, 190 Queen's Gate). Daniel Galmiche will also have to take into consideration that South Africans are big on red meat. According to our friends over at Eat Out, they recon the decorated French chef will put oxtail on the menu - a guess we are wholeheartedly amplifying (seeing as Marble has made red meat and open flame cooking popular in fine dining).

While Chef Daniel Galmiche was in Johannesburg to promote the Gold Room, he spent some time with our favourite restaurateur, James Diack (of Coobs, The National, El Contadino, and la Stalla fame). Chef Galmiche visited Diack's family farm, Brightside in Magaliesberg where Daniel overloaded his Instagram account with interesting images of local produce.

The Gold Room is set to open up shop in September 2018. Until then, we can only sit back, pop a bottle of Chablis and play the guessing game until Daniel Galmiche's manager gets back to us with more details. Take your time, Lime Light - we've got enough white wine to last us a while.

By Shawn Greyling


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