Where Restaurateurs Like To Eat In Joburg

Where do the big names in the Joburg restaurant business have breakfast, hang out and take friends to dinner? Resident food writer and self-proclaimed diehard James Diack fan, Shawn Greyling picked the brains of the man behind Coobs, The Federal (now La Stalla), Il Contadino and The National.

You’ve got 30 minutes to squeeze in a quick breakfast – where do you go?
Croft & Co in Parkview serve the best breakfast – small menu, but everything is freshly made.

Who roasts the best coffee in Joburg?
Honestly, I love the coffee we have at Coobs! I drink a couple of cups a day and always find that our coffee wins hands-down.

coobs 1

Is there a fast food menu item that you simply can’t get enough of?
Yo Sushi in Parktown North – great selection of sushi dishes, and you can select your take-away straight from the conveyer. Quick, fresh and delicious.

Where do you go to get your Mexican food fix?
I really do enjoy La Santa Muerte in Melville. I’ve always have had a solid meal there. Their wood-fired oven brings some really cool flavours and dishes to their menu.

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When it comes to fine dining, who does it right?
For me, Richard Carstens at Tokara is still the master of simple and beautiful fine dining. In Johannesburg, I think Marthinus Ferreira’s DW Eleven-13 has an amazing tasting menu with some must-try dishes.

Who has the best decor and design in Joburg?
To be honest – and maybe I’m biased – I am still in love with the interior in my own shop, Il Contadino. It’s both beautiful and extremely functional.

sushi 1

When you have friends or family visiting from out of town, which restaurant do you take them to?
I have to say, if I have mates from out of town, we usually end up at my house in Melville or on the farm, Brightside in the Magaliesburg, because it is the only place that I can 100 % kick back and catch up with them.

It’s payday and you feel like having a big, gourmet dinner. Where do you go?
Without a doubt, Marble. They really do offer a great all-round experience from all three sides: great service, great food and a cool wine list.

La Stalla

The Federal in Melville is getting a facelift… in fact, it’s getting a complete makeover. Chef James Diack will be renaming his Seventh Street eatery as La Stalla “The Stables” and reopening it as a rustic pizzeria in late March 2018.

Posted by La Stalla on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

James’ bistro in Melville, The Federal is getting a huge revamp and a name change. Read more about La Stalla and get excited.

By Shawn Greyling

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