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Explore Hobart Grove Centre

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We take a closer look at the Hobart Grove Centre in Bryanston to show you why it's such a popular spot to pop into whenever you find yourself in the area. hobart grove centre

Here's a hard and fast guide to the Hobart Grove Centre in Bryanston. We've intentionally left out some of the places so that you can tell us all about it... you know, to start a conversation instead of us telling you about stuff you might already know?

Eat At Hobart Grove Centre

Rockets Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

From pizza to prego rolls,  Rockets Restaurant & Cocktail Bar is a top breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner spot completed with a drinks menu that will make a mixologist blush. We recommend you try out their Rocket wings served tapas style and washed down with silk panties... the drink, you weirdo. The vibe is relaxed and laid back and a great spot to start or end an evening. Oh, their salads are good too! In fact, it's so good that they opened a stand-alone "express" shop at Melrose Arch.



Great for first dates, solo eating marathons and all things tequila, Perron Bryanston is a rocking place to stuff your face with soft shell fish tacos (made in-house) and pork belly slow-cooked with chilli, lime and agave, and served with Mexican potatoes, re-fried beans, crema and tomatillo salsa verde. Do yourself a favour and go check them out if you haven't already... and if you have, why not go back and experience Perron all over again?


Wombles Steak House

Every boot needs a heel and every shopping centre needs a steakhouse. The Hobart Grove Centre just so happens to have one of the top steakhouses in Johannesburg. Wombles Steakhouse is a family run business with Executive Chef Nesberth Nhabura at the kitchen's helm. It goes without saying that the house of Wombles is predominantly built on pillars of beef... and lots of it. With that said, don't expect them to serve ribs. Fair enough. What they do have is much more...  satisfying.  Patrons can expect different cuts of steak, beef stroganoff, steak tartare, gammon steak (yeah, it's not beef but it is steak), and a variety of sauces and side dishes (including pap).


hobart grove centre

Pamper Yourself At Hobart Grove Centre


Electro Muscle Stimulation, or EMS for short, is what BodyTec specialises in. How does it work? They suit you up in something called an electrode vest, causing muscles to contract as you do a fair amount of basic exercises such as lunges, standing crunches and bicep curls.  BodyTec says that it's not a cheat code to lose weight or look good but a safe and quicker alternative to the gym we're used to. Why not check them out and decide if it's the right fitness fit for you?


Urban Escape

The Urban Escape sisterhood (as they like to refer to themselves) offers a well-deserved escape into their relaxing world, far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. All that matters in this safe space is self-love and me-time. They celebrate the beautiful and unique individual that you are. At Urban Escape visitors can expect experienced skincare, top-notch nail technicians, laser hair removal, and cappuccinos, cakes, popcorn and wine!


Renaissance Hair

Do you want to know the secret behind almost every great hairdo in Bryanston? We're spilling the beans! With almost two decades of experience, Renaissance Hair has become a popular spot to get those luxurious locks on your head chopped. This unisex hair salon specialises in colouring and cutting, stocking top products and hair extensions.


Sneaker Shack

Joburg is the sneaker capital of the world – sorry, Tokyo you’ll have to wait your turn on the throne. We want to introduce you to Sneaker Shack, the dudes who keep your favourite kicks in tip-top shape. Think of Sneaker Shack as a dry cleaner but for your shoes... except it's a lot cooler. Their prices are affordable and service great - our graphic designer collects sneaker so he can testify to their awesomeness.


hobart grove centre

Any top spots that you think we missed? Let us know below!

By Shawn Greyling





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