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Create Your Own Zen Bubble At Home, Work And In Your Car

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Now that we're in full swing with work, school and the general rush of daily life, things can become exceedingly overwhelming. Rather than stress yourself into a ball of nervous energy ready to burst at any moment, create your own zen bubble at home, work and in the car. Not sure where to start? Read on to find out!  zen bubble



Home is where the heart is, so it's best to begin creating your zen bubble right here. You won't need a lot of extra space, just a quiet corner in your lounge, office or bedroom will do. Start off by de-cluttering your designated area. You can also separate this area from your living space by cordoning it off with a paper weave room divider from Mr Price Home. Not only does this signal that this is 'your space' to other people living in your home, but it helps to create a mental divide between your regular living area and your zen space.

You can keep this area as simple as you like - whether you decorate it with just a floor mat or go full out with scented candles, diffusers and indoor plants. We like the idea of adding a a lavender and oak candle to the space to get you into a meditative mood. To make your zen bubble more comfortable, lay out an eco-friendly cork yoga mat from Southern Soul. You don't need to be a full on yogi to make good use of it - yoga mats are great for practising your morning stretches or for meditation.


Alternatively, take to nature for a breath of fresh air. If you have a garden, set up your zen zone in a comfy spot where you can relax. You may want to feng shui your outdoor area to enhance the flow of your space, creating good pathways for good thoughts. While you're at it, add a few carbon guzzling plants to your garden to increase the brain boosting benefits of outdoor meditation. If you haven't heard about the #Spekboom Challenge yet, click here to find out all about this miracle plant. Finally, gift yourself with an enchanting water feature to complete your zen garden space.

Speaking of meditation, have you tried the Headspace app? A guided meditation app, Headspace can help you become more mindful, which effectively decreases stress and anxiety. This app can also help you change your sleep patterns, making for a more restful slumber and brighter mornings. Check it out here.

If an app doesn't quite get you into the rhythm of mindful thinking, visit any one of Joburg's top meditation centres to get in touch with your inner zen.


Creating your own zen zone at work isn't as complicated as it seems. If you are weary of your colleagues poking fun at you, keep your space limited to a fern and an adorable stress ball from Typo. However, if you don't care what people think about you (and you shouldn't), deck your desk out with a mini zen sand garden from The ancient Japanese practice of cultivating a sand garden has been proven to reduce stress, improve mental clarity and assist in complex problem solving. This is perfect to help you sort through that mountain of tasks at work!

Working at a desktop or laptop for long hours is not only a hazard to your heart health, but can cause serious brain fog and even low moods. Make an effort to be active while at work by stretching at your desk and regularly getting up for short walks around the office. Make sure to keep hydrated too! If you find it impossible to drink 2l of water per day, spice things up with chunks of fruit or lemon slices. Alternatively, stock up on a variety of herbal teas to keep you awake, alert and refreshed.

zen bubble


Your car may seem like an odd space to zen out, but think about it - when do you feel most stressed out? On the way to or from work, when you're stuck in a traffic jam a mile long, your leg cramping and a snobbish Land Rover gearing up to overtake you at any given second. Adding a few zen touches to your vehicle can make your travel journey a lot smoother. Consider a fragrant arometherapy car diffuser or good old fashioned homemade potpourri. You can also deck out your rear view mirror with a pretty dream catcher or a healing crystal.

What kind of music do you listen to while you drive? You may want to think about changing up your playlist to something more calming. While classical music is proven to decrease your heart rate, we understand that it isn't everyone's cup of tea. Ambient ocean sounds are also great for car rides, as is instrumental music. If you prefer not to listen to music while driving, why not try an insightful podcast? You can listen to everything from motivational TED talks, to biographies, storytelling and comedy. Check out Time Magazine's recommended list of the best podcasts of 2019 to find something ideally suited to you.

Feeling zen yet? Let us know how your zen bubble project goes in the comments section below. 

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