Ways To Be Healthy And Efficient At Your Desk

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Sitting for eight hours (or more!) a day can really put strain on your body and your health, especially with a combination of stress, unhealthy eating habits and lack of activity throughout the day. So, keep up and maintain a healthy lifestyle not just at home but at the office, too. Here are some tips to help you keep healthy and fit while you're at work.

Exercise In The Morning

It’s important to get a fresh start to the day before stepping into the office and sitting for eight hours straight. So, starting your day with exercise in the morning is an ideal way to keep healthy and rejuvenated - and no, you don’t have to go to the gym for this one. A simple jog, stretch out or at-home yoga session will prepare you for the long day ahead.

Pack Healthy Snacks

It’s normal to get hungry between breakfast and lunch or lunch and knock off time, so having a quick in-between snack or two during your busy day will help keep your energy up. This does not mean taking a walk to the vending machine every five minutes for cold drinks and chocolate. Instead, stock up on easy non-perishable snacks that are high in protein, vitamins and fiber that will give your body the energy it needs to keep you going throughout the day.

Keep A Big Bottle Of Water At Your Desk

Keeping hydrated is important for your overall health. Yes, it's true what they say – drinking eight glasses of water a day is a must. Not only does this help your heart pump blood easily, it also helps your muscles work efficiently and gets rid of fatigue. If you've got a big water bottle on your desk at all times, taking a big gulp every few minutes will become second nature.

Office snacks

Take Walking Breaks

Being stuck at your desk and sitting all day will leave you feeling stiff and tired – that’s not debatable. It’s best to get moving every so often, so taking short walks in and around the office every hour or doing gentle stretches is more like pressing the reboot button on your day. Remember, being physically active helps you to be more productive.

Adjust Your Monitor

Staring at a screen for too long each day can cause damage to your eyesight. If your job requires you to stay glued to your screen, try adjusting your monitor settings to avoid straining your pupils more than necessary - it could be the brightness levels that need adjusting or perhaps you need a keyboard stand. Play around and see what works for you.

Sit On An Exercise Ball

Get rid of that uncomfortable office chair that causes back pains, headaches and leaves you feeling restless and less productive, and get an exercise ball! This is a fun and healthy way to get in shape while at work and you get to work – you'll be forced to use your core and it will help with your overall posture, too.

Exercise Ball 3

Utilise Your Lunch Breaks

It’s easy to get caught up in your day-to-day tasks and land up skipping lunch completely or eating at your desk. Even though you might think you are being more productive, think about it – you're not really working while you're eating, right? And if you are, you're spilling food all over your keyboard and making the whole office smell like food. Your lunch break is the only time you get to take that much-needed break, so take advantage of it, and use your lunch break to take a mental break too. This is the only time during the working day that you have for yourself.

Join In On The Conversation

You spend most of your life around your colleagues, which doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be the best of friends, but you should avoid staying in your corner, brooding over your work concerns and get involved in social conversations to open your mind up to new thoughts and ideas. It's those short interactions with colleagues that give you necessary mental breaks which could result in you focusing more! Listening to music helps, too.

Plan Your Day

This is an obvious but important one – knowing what you need to do and what is required of you on a day-to-day basis will ensure that things run smoothly. Take time to schedule your day instead of diving right in to avoid running around, feeling under pressure and causing unnecessary stress.
Hint: maybe you should get yourself a good quality diary that makes planning a breeze.

Clear Your Desk Of Hidden Nasties

Keeping your desk neat and tidy is also an essential way to keep efficiency while at work. De-clutter all unnecessary items that are of no use, dust all surfaces, water your plants, and wipe off all grimy fingerprints on your screen and keyboard – believe or not, this gives you more breathing space and inspiration to work smartly.

By Neo Sesinye

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