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Bringing Back 90s Fashion

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90s fashions trends are coming back in a big way. We take a look at the top 90s-inspired trends hitting the fashion industry. fashion

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As much as fashion evolves, old trends always come back into fashion. 90s-inspired fashion has made a big comeback recently, with fashionistas choosing 90s patterns, hairstyles and even shapes. Fashion designers are combining 90s-inspired designs with a modern flair.

Here are a few 90s-inspired items that are coming back:

Mr Price

The Moon Bag

Also known as the fanny pack, this accessory has made a huge comeback.

Some of the most vibrant and bustling areas in the city are filled with people wearing these and showing off their sense of style by dressing up to accommodate the moon bag.

Some stores to find these:

Ankle High Pants

Photo By Marie Michele Bouchard

The Ankle High Pants

Ankle high pants are back and bolder than ever. These pants are great for any occasion, whether casual or formal.

For an added old school touch, pair these pants with a pair of Vans.

Some stores to find these:

  • Cotton On

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Photo By Bhavya Shah

The Colour Crazy Bomber

The bomber jacket has been trending for a while, but this season is calling for the colour crazy bomber jacket. Go for a bomber with abstract and unexpected colours that make a statement.

A good pair of jeans, sneakers and a colourful bomber should always be your fashion go-to.

Some stores to find these:

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While sneakers have never gone out of style, certain styles from the 90s are making a big comeback. From the awkward shapes to the unexpected colour coordination, the 90s sneakers are here to stay.

Some stores to find these:

  • Archive
  • Shelflife

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What are your favourite fashion items from the 90s? Let us know in the comments section below!

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