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Find The Perfect Jacket To Cuddle In And Get Warm This Winter

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Allergic to winter? Don't wither when all the jacket spots you need are here to get you warm and all cuddled up. Let's check out where to find them. jackets, jerseys, coats

It's that time again, when we have to freeze our brains off and realise that our complains about the scorching summer were just unnecessary grumbles. Number one item that everyone thinks of when they have to prepare themselves for the winter - a warm jacket.

Yes! We also have the hats, scarves, gloves and the extra layers of course, but nothing beats a good quality jacket to soldier off the cold winter. It's all great to dress up warmly, but if you are like me - you could wear the whole wardrobe and suddenly surprise people with 'gaining weight' and still feel cold fam. So it would be better to just save yourself all the trouble and get that jacket.

Say you do buy one jacket and you end up being the guy/girl in the green jacket, live your life child and don't care about who has what to say.

Jacket Spots Joburg

Cape Union Mart

A lot of people hear the words Cape Union Mart and they think outdoors, hiking and adventure.

Without a doubt, this spot is definitely the type of place that every adventure seeker should visit, with that said - hikers, snow sports connoisseurs always wear the warmest jackets so you can certainly be confident in the fact that you will find the jacket you are looking for.

You might find more than you expected, their clothing in general is not only good quality but stylish. They have stores all over the country so you are without excuse.

Jacket Spots Joburg

Sportsmans Warehouse

I know the word that stood out was the 'sports' in Sportsmans Warehouse, but don't let that determine the fate between you and your jacket.

Normally some sports jackets and shirts are made with the intention of keeping the cold out so are you will definitely going to find what your are looking for. Plus there is a win-win situation when getting your jacket here if you are a sportsman ... or sportswoman - you get to keep your sporty vibe and still be stylish.

So do check out their stuff.


Woolworths pretty much everything that you need, whether it's food or clothing.

The awesome thing about buying your jacket at Woolies is that you get to choose from a wide variety of options from denim to suede to fleece and more.

To me, more options either mean confusion or me buying the whole store. Speaking of options, they also have amazing jackets for the little one so you can buy winter gear for the whole family - half the job done with the winter buys already.

Throwing On The Scarf

So now we all jacketed up with where to go, let's prepare well to get that wardrobe all sorted and ready before winter actually welcomes itself into our lives and the prices shoot sky high.

That's it from me, let's get warm!


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