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Hot Kicks: Sneak Up On Someone Drippin' With Swag

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The sneakerhead culture has grown very quickly in our country, so much that people sleep outside the store to get the latest kicks, its always a treasure hunt so let's look at these hot sneaker hubs to satisfy that craving! Sneaker Hubs

A few things that South African's love - food, a good party and sneakers. Yes, we are quite the spontaneous type of people in this country and yes! we have also joined the world with trend of sleeping outside the store to get the latest and coolest limited edition kicks.

Not only have sneakers become a big thing, but they have influenced fashion, street culture, entertainment, lifestyle, job creation and many more other game changing things. Let's go through a journey of finding that right kick...

Sneaker Hubs


Shelflife has to be thee store that sneakerheads either want to own or just want everything that's in it. This sneaker hub became an absolute game changer when they finally landed in Jozi, everybody went bonkers because they get the coolest, unique and limited editions that everyone is on the hunt for.

This urban store is situated in one of Joburg's most loved mall - Rosebank Mall. Shelflife has a very wide variety of sneakers to choose from make, so don't say I didn't warn you when you don't know what to pick or how many of them you might want to snub.


Urban street lifestyle is the first thing you will notice when you visit Archive's stores or check any of their pages, they are the epitome of what is currently a hit in SA. I wouldn't know what to name it, but they've got it. With a couple of stores in and around Jozi, you won't struggle finding a store.

Archive has also been known for their amazing exhibits and depiction of Street culture through there sneaker collection as well as the growing culture in the country. They boast with the coolest most unique sneakers you can find and most of these sneakers are limited editions and this is exactly what motivates customers to keep on collecting these sneakers knowing that there are very few that have this kind of sneaker.
Any person who does not know Shesha by now, where have you been fam? They have ample stores in and around Joburg and offers some of the best kicks you can find as well as unique apparel such as the transformer jacket, this is a reversible jacket that was inspired by the movie Transformers (just thought I should add that for dramatic effect).
The one thing that stands out for sneakerheads about Shesha is the fact that they have everything you need to take care and wear with your sneakers... Dressing you up in the coolest and urban Street culture look that everybody is yearning for. If anything I have seen some of the best in Converse sneakers in this store.
Shesha has used the lifestyle nice as part of their brand making it known that the sneaker culture is a lifestyle that they live by. Their inspiration of the basketball and hip hop influence really shines through.
Sneaker Hubs
Shack Your Sneakers Up
Dirty sneakers are probably the worst thing for your outfit (unless that's the plan and you having an artist tiff), but you don't have time or for the lack of a better word - energy. LOL! This is where The Sneaker Shack comes in to save you from all of the stress.
Their stores are available to give your sneakers some love and with a policy or 24 hours, you will have your kicks in no time. Anyone who is a sneakerhead knows that this place is the real deal when it comes to making sure that you sneakers look as clean as they came out of the box.

So, with all that said, let me give you a taste of what inspired this article. Enjoy!!!

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