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It's An Aquarium In The Mall At The CrestAquarium!

It's An Aquarium In The Mall At The CrestAquarium!

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Shoppers can now Imagine More at Cresta Shopping Centre this July. In case you missed it, the shopping centre has officially opened a first of its kind feature - the brand-new, in-centre CrestAquarium, a modest exploration and showcase of ocean life under the sea.

Located at the three-level Food and Entertainment Court in Cresta Shopping Centre, the CrestAquarium introduces the beauty and magic of marine life to shoppers and the surrounding community. The aquarium provides shoppers with an unusual yet exciting opportunity to see, learn and appreciate this unique environment. Get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s most vibrant little creatures, corals and underwater plants. With over 30 species, shoppers will be able to enjoy the tranquility of the ocean, right in the middle of Joburg.


It's Edutainment For All Ages

Not only was it designed to entertain Cresta's shoppers, but to educate and promote behaviour change in order to protect our oceans. The interactive and educational displays that have been set up around the tank will allow children and families to touch, discover, explore and learn.

Cresta Shopping Centre partnered with the best in the business in aquarium construction. They consulted with expert marine consultants to ensure the project and construction of the aquarium was a detailed and flawless success, while also ensuring the safety and happiness of the ocean life introduced to it. The certified and regulated aquaria specialists ensure the selected ocean fish are cared for constantly. Each fish was hand-selected according to compatibility and natural distribution.

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The New CrestAquarium Mascot

During its opening in July 2019, Cresta challenged high school children in the Cresta area to imagine, create and design a mascot. Itwould represent the CrestAquarium and be a mouthpiece for ocean conservation messages. A design created by grade 10 student, Rebecca Byker of Northcliff High School, was selected out of many talented entries. Byker won R10 000 for her vision and design, as well as R10 000 for her school. “I was inspired by the colours of ocean life to create her outfit, her hair is inspired by an anemone. She has adapted to her oceanic life, as can be seen by her gills, webbed fingers and anemone-like hair,” she said.

Spreading The Message Of Conservation Awareness

One of the key purposes of the CrestAquarium is to provide shoppers and guests the unique opportunity to explore an underwater world. A world  they may never have the opportunity to see or engage with, and so doing spark a love for these creatures and a desire to protect them. A key vision of the aquarium is to educate shoppers, and especially the youth on how they can act now to protect the future of the oceans. This includes recycling and being conscious of the sustainable fish list.

As part of this vision, Cresta has brought the Dyer Island Conservation Trust (DICT) onboard to help drive education about marine conservation. They provide a way for shoppers to act in support for the protection of our oceans. The DICT Wave of Change will be a feature at the CrestAquarium to drive the educational message about plastic recycling. They'll also provide shoppers with an opportunity to donate to the Trust via Snapscan to support their conservation efforts.


For More Information on The CrestAquarium

For more information about Cresta Shopping Centre and the CrestAquarium, visit

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