Saint Takes On 2019 With A Bang

Kicking off the year on the right foot, Saint in Sandton has updated their prestigious menu to even higher regard. Our resident foodie investigates and has video proof that David Higgs and the gang are far from running out of culinary cards up their sleeves.saint

Reinventing the wheel is a seasonal thing in the restaurant game. Keeping a steady menu is a balancing act where gravity comes in the form of fresh produce. Any exec chef worth his or her salt knows that serving produce out of season will not do their creations any justice. The introduction of six new menu items at Saint (David Higgs and Gary Kyriacou’s follow-up to Marble), spread across its antipasti, salads, mains, and dessert divisions. These new entries have been in the making since early December 2018 and implemented in January 2019. Saint chefs Tyler Clayton and Matthew van Niekerk walk us through the new dishes.

With the popularity of Saint’s vegetarian arancini, the team decided to add a lamb rendition. Served with red onion marmalade and a tangy gremolata of parsley, mint and lemon juice, it’s a great way to start your dining experience. The contrast created by the crispy outside and creamy inside of the deep fried  stuffed balls of risotto are off-set against the sweet and sour beauty below. To Saint’s popular salad section, the kitchen has added a rocket, burrata and salsiccia sausage salad served with romesco sauce and a juniper dressing. On that note, Saint does not believe that salads are a side dish or something that would leave you unsatisfied, so expect to be left satisfied when ordering a salad.

Moving on to Saint’s claim to fame – pizza -, Chefs Matthew and Tyler swapped out the goats cheese pizza for a brie and red onion marmalade version. On the pasta side, the team amplified the ‘mad Italian’ side of Saint and introduced a creamy peri-peri chicken pasta with the chicken thighs slow roasted in the pizza oven. This dish is a clear winner as its creaminess goes hand in hand with the penne and Parmesan combination. It is a filling dish, so be prepared to pop a pants button afterwards.

Last but not least, there’s been a single addition to the dessert side of Saint, and it’s as delicious and pleasing to the eye just like the rest of the menu. A slab of mascarpone parfait is served on top of a fluffy vanilla sponge, sided with limoncello gelato and finished off with a cracked black pepper and poppy seed caramel brittle. Expect a taste of bitter from the gelato leveled out by the sweetness of the parfait. There is a definite play on mouth feel in between the textures, making this dessert a well-rounded finale to a beautiful menu put together by some of the most talented people in the Joburg food scene.

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By Shawn Greyling

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