Lunch at AJ’s Restaurant In The Park


AJ’s In The Park is restaurant in Craighall that serves as a great spot to enjoy a family lunch, watch live games and entertain kids. The menu offers classic favourites, from burgers to pizzas and shakes. 

AJ’s In The Park is a family restaurant in Craighall, serving classic meals, with plenty to keep adults and kids entertained. 


Nestled in the quiet neighbourhood of Craighall Park, AJ’s Restaurant (AJ’s In The Park) is family-friendly and also caters to sporting fanatics with a big-screen TV to enjoy the live games. The restaurant hosts kids’ events, so if you’re planning to throw a birthday party, AJ’s Restaurant is definitely the place to go. With their children’s play area secured, you don’t have to worry about safety. The best part is, the restaurant is located on the same premises as the Craighall Sports Club which has an outdoor field, so it’s fun in the sun for everyone!

AJs Kids Area

Menu at AJ’s Restaurant

Since the restaurant has a diverse offering, the menu covers all major foods you’d expect, from burgers that have tempted many returning customers, to pizzas that will have your mouth watering at first sight. I was invited to try out some of the menu options and the No. 1 Burger was recommended for being the most popular and super tasty. Imagine a burger with bacon, feta cheese and avocado … don’t your tastebuds just start jumping? The burger came with a side of chips, but you could opt for a side salad instead. The meal was absolutely satisfying and other customers that tried the burger options had nothing but praise and compliments for the chef.

Ajs No1 Burger

Aside from the burgers, the restaurant is also popular for its Chicken Schnitzel. Picture a succulent 300g free-range crumbed chicken fillet, created purely to please your tastebuds… Sounds delicious, right? Oh, and what would the world be without pizza? After trying the California from AJ’s wood-fired pizza oven, the Joburg team were full of happiness and laughs. The favourite was the California because like the burger, bacon, feta and avocado are always a killer combo! Other meals you can look forward to are their steaks, salads, kids’ meals and platters – there’s really something for everyone.

AJs Pizza


For drinks, the restaurant has a fully stocked bar but for non-drinkers and kids, they have yummy milkshakes, fizzy drinks and spectacular hot beverages. I tried the Hot Chocolate which was absolutely amazing! You really can’t get an impeccable hot chocolate like that just anywhere. A definite must-try on the beverage menu.

AJs Hot Chocolate

Text & Images by Cleopatra Shava

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