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Here's How To Entertain The Family During Lockdown 2021

Here's How To Entertain The Family During Lockdown 2021

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And once again, we are back to Level 4 Lockdown. But, it's not the worst thing to happen to us. We have been through worse and we'll make it out of this third wave in no time. All we have to do is keep ourselves sane and some how keep the kids entertained now that they'll be home until 26 July 2021. Here's a few suggestions to help you out without leaving the safety of your home. Stay safe and keep well, Joburg. 

Bring Out The Board Games! 

Let's face it, since we are all staying home waiting for this third wave to pass, cabin fever is sure to set in at some point. So, why not scratch around in your storage and pull out those old board games you don't really play anymore. There's bound to be something for the entire family to enjoy. And if you don't have any, luckily you can order a few online and have them delivered right to your home. Here's a few suggestions if you're wondering what games there are available.

Timeless Board Games

Head Outside

Now, we know that it's a little chilly outside considering it's winter and there's a cold front coming in, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with your family. Other than the usual – gardening, walking, and working out if you don't want to head to the gyms just yet – you and the kids can host a fun-filled tea party, play a few backyard games to get them running about and blowing off some energy with some outdoor exercise. Here's a few things you can do out in your garden.

woman sitting in wooden chair in her garden with a glass of wine, watching a sunset and sprinkler

Binge On Movies

Once the kids have blown off some steam in the garden, why not get them comfortable on the couch with movies that can them understand and get through the pandemic. There are some goodies that's not only entertaining, but will teach the little ones about viruses and how they effect the body (think the oldie, Osmosis Jones) and how to handle their emotions during this challenging and unpredictable time (Inside Out). Click here for a few more suggestions to rent and enjoy with the kids.


Start A Project

Looking to do something different and crafty, compared to the usual gaming and movie viewing? Then why not try one of these fun upcycling projects with your kids? From funky shoes to cardboard board games, you can make something exciting and fun out of just a few household items. Also, these fun upcycling projects will keep the children entertained for hours! Click here to take a look at what else they can get crafty with.

Upcycling projects

Lets Get Baking!

Next up in a fun-filled and oh-so delicious activity perfect for the whole family – baking! And luckily, there are plenty of easy and tasty baking recipes that you and the kids can enjoy baking. And once all of the messy baking fun is done, the kids will have some tasty treats to enjoy with that tea party out in the garden like we mentioned earlier. How lovely! Here's a few fun baking recipes for you and the kids to try together during the lockdown school holidays.


Try A New Hobby

Why not get the kids to try something different by exploring a brand-new hobby? There are so many hobbies out there, that the kids are bound to find something to fit in with their interests. Even you can get in on the fun and learn a new skill. A few suggestions we have are knitting (perfect for those who enjoy doing arts and crafts), gardening (no better way to get some fresh air and a little bit of sunshine), and learning how to apply makeup (perfect for teens looking to get into the beauty industry). Click here for a few more suggestions that you and the kids can explore and enjoy during the 2021 Winter Lockdown.

knitting wool in various colours with knitting needles


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