Stay Entertained: Go Outside And Enjoy Your Garden

Host A Tea Party

Get the kettle on the boil and make a few little sarmies and treats. Set up a lovely spot in the garden with cushions, a small table and decorations. Then gather the kids for a fun tea party outside. And if you're looking to make it extra entertaining for the little ones, be sure to take a look at Exclusive Books' downloadable party planning pack themed around the book, The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr. This tea party planning pack includes fun activities including how to make your own party bunting and hat, exciting party games and lots of fun colouring sheets.

tea and biscuits outside in the garden

Have A Braai!

What do we South Africans do best in times like these? We braai! Grab a few steaks and chops out of the freezer, gooi together some salads, open a few tins of corn and beans and you have yourself a delicious get-together for you and your family. Also, enjoy this lovely weather we've been having by eating outside. And afterwards, toast a few marshmallows if you have some stocked in your pantry.

backyard braaing chops and wors

Create A Garden Reading Nook

During this lockdown, we've got plenty of time to catch up on reading those books we've always wanted to tick off of our list. Also, those classics that everyone recommends you read at least once in your lifetime. Here are a few classic novels to consider. Make reading these classics extra relaxing by setting up a comfy little nook in your garden. Grab a cup of coffee, a blanket, a few cushions and enjoy an afternoon outside with one of your favourite books.

reading in the garden during the day time, man in chair on the grass

Have A Picnic In The Garden

Just like a tea party, prep a few goodies and set up a picnic somewhere in your garden. Other than enjoying some delicious finger snacks, this is the perfect time to play a few old school board games with your loved ones... while outside. Jenga might be a little bit of an issue with the uneven surfaces, but here are a few other board game suggestions to consider playing during your garden picnic.

picnic basket sitting on awooden table with a red and white blanket

Meditate Or Do Some Yoga

Meditating and doing yoga outside in your garden has many benefits. Other than the fact that you'll have more room to stretch out and move around without knocking anything over, you'll also get some fresh air. The sounds of nature will calm you and you'll also be getting some Vitamin D from the sun. So, grab your mat, a bottle of water, set up on the grass and zen out.

woman in red shirt and purple pants doing yoga on grass

Fit In A Workout

Speaking of fitness and wellness, why not get your heart rate up with a quick workout outside? And with Adventure Boot Camp posting daily workouts on their Instagram page, getting an effective workout has never been easier. You can also check out various YouTube videos offering everything from HIIT, strength training, breaking a sweat while doing housework and much more. Click here to read our article about how to keep fit during isolation.

lady doing squat exercises in her garden

Play Backyard Games With The Kids

Get the kids away from their technology and spend some time outside playing a few old school backyard games. These can be as simple as charades, tag and finding cool shapes in the clouds to playing soccer, hide and seek or creating your own cool obstacle course using outdoor furniture and other household items. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative.

girl hoola hooping in garden, aerial view

Do Some Gardening

Since the season is changing, there's plenty of gardening that can be done on your property. Leaves are falling from the trees, so why not rake them up and save them for a compost heap? Prune those rose bushes and prep your flowerbeds for the new season. Or why not get started on growing your own veggie patch? You can even change up the scenery a little bit by clearing your garden of unwanted plants or simply just planting them in another area on your property.

For more gardening tips and to-dos, be sure to read our Let's Get Gardening article. It covers everything from autumn gardening to eco-friendly plants and indoor plants.

gardening and planting

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