Ride And Explore With These Cycle Clubs In Joburg

Take a look at where the road will take you while you ride and explore the city with these adventurous cycle clubs around Johannesburg. 

Johannesburg Mountain Bicycle Club

Johannesburg is full of activities, with endless stuff to do. Whether you are an explorer, rider, active and fitness enthusiast or are just looking for something different to do, we have just the thing for you. Ride and explore the city with these Joburg cycle clubs.

Joburg residents are constantly on the prowl for something new to explore. There is no better way to go on an adventure and explore the city that never sleeps than by joining a cycle club. So break away, travel and explore new places with these great cycle clubs in Johannesburg.

Is It For You?

Cycling may not be for everyone. These are some of the qualities cyclists have:

  • They are adrenaline seekers.
  • They are fun seekers.
  • They are fitness enthusiasts.
  • They are explorers.
  • They are nature lovers.
  • They are outdoor adventure seekers.
  • They are looking to try something new.
  • They want to train with other people.

If you have any of these qualities, you’ll enjoy being part of a cycle club. By joining a cycle club, you will also get the opportunity to meet new people in the city, to develop friendships and simply come together for the love of riding and fitness.

And if you are not much of a gym fanatic but still want to exercise, cycling is definitely a great alternative.

Johannesburg Mountain Bike Club

Johannesburg Mountain Bicycle Club

Better known as JMBC, this club is always ready to get active and hit the hills and scenic spot around the city. The Johannesburg Mountain Bicycle Club organises awesome socials over the weekends, so your weekends will definitely get exciting.

The cycle club is very flexible, allowing you to choose whether you want to ride alone or bring friends – you do not need to be a member to ride with them. All you need is R30 and you are good to go.

They do have a few rules to ensure that your ride is both joyful and safe. The rules are:

  • You need to know how and when to change the gears of your bike.
  • You need to know where the brakes on your bike are.
  • You need to be able to ride 17 KM off road in two hours – that means on single tracks; through sand, mud and water and over small obstacles, such as logs and rocks.
  • You need to know how to fix a puncture.
  • You need to be at the site at least 30 minutes prior to the ride in order to prepare for the ride ahead.

The Country Club Johannesburg

The Country Club

The Country Club is all about exploring unexpected places in Johannesburg. They welcome everyone to come and enjoy the ride, whether you’re young or old.

The Country Club travels to favourite group spots, like The Cradle of Human Kind and surrounding mountain bike trails, with their monthly club. You have the choice of joining the monthly or weekly club.

The rules of the cycle club are:

  • If you have no helmet, you will not be allowed to ride.
  • The early bird always catches the trail.
  • You need to fill in an indemnity form on your first ride.

Cresta Wheelers

Cresta Wheelers

Situated towards the west of Johannesburg is the adventurous cycle club, Cresta Wheelers. As one of the oldest clubs in Joburg, you can be sure that you will be receiving experienced assistance.

Cresta Wheelers is all about safety and enjoyment and they also have a few rules for you to take note of:

  • You need to wear your helmet, gloves and glasses for safety.
  • Always make sure your bicycle functions properly.
  • It is compulsory to wear a belt or ankle reflectors during evening rides.
  • Always carry your cell phone in case of emergencies, such as breakdowns, crashes, getting lost, etc.
  • Always have identification for safety/ medical reasons.

Cycle clubs are growing in Johannesburg and fitness enthusiasts are finding more and more reasons to be motivated. If you are searching for other alternative fitness options, check out the best dance classes in joburg.

Are you a cycling fanatic? Tell us about your best cycle club journeys in the comments section below!

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