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Move And Shake With The Best Dance Classes Around Joburg

Move And Shake With The Best Dance Classes Around Joburg

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Move to the sound of your feelings and learn to express yourself through the art of body language with these amazing dance classes around Joburg... dancing johannesburg

Dance is all about expression and liberation. You can say it's one of those things that speak on your behalf through your body - you move the way you feel. Sometimes, however it can be a bit difficult finding a suitable dance genre for you. Learn more by checking out The Best Dance Classes Around Joburg.

Why Dancing?

A Good Way To Express Yourself

One thing I'm certain about where dance is concerned is that it is one of the best medicines in helping you express what you are feeling. Whether you're stressed, happy, sad and many other emoji - you can use dance to shine them through and just release.

A Form Of Fitness

Dance has also become a fitness technique for many who don't necessarily love the idea of gym. Super cool innovations like Zumba and Rocking N Heels which teaches dance while wearing heels.

Dance has been known to be a good form of fitness to a point that, people join traditional genres for fitness too.

Hobby Meets Rhythm

There are many forms of dance from modern dance to salsa to ballroom, hip-hop and many more. All the dance has been perceived as a dance for the so-called right and left-footed but the two left feet have been deceived. You can learn to dance... Yes I have to confess they are people who just naturally don't have rhythm impact time is a very price position. Practice is the best thing you can do for yourself, because as the old saying goes "practice makes perfect".

So I am taking the courtesy of sharing these amazing dance schools you can look at and maybe join their classes, there is a stew in variety to choose from, let's take a look...

Dance Class


Moving Into Dance - Contemporary And Afro-Fusion

Better known as MID, this amazing school of dance situated in the very artistic and theatrical Newtown, sits inside the Market Lab.

Although they specialise in 'contemp' and afro-fusion, this amazing school also also offers lessons in hip-hop, ballet as well as creative dance so you can explore and find your kind of taste. They also have classes for the tween's and teen's so your children can start dance at an early age.

Dance Classes

Dance Junxion - All Round Ballroom And Latin

Dance Junxion has been around for a very long while, having stayed in Rosebank for years - their journey lead them to Bryanston.

They cater almost, if not all forms of ballroom dance and Latin, this including a personal favourite - Salsa. They have walk-in classes if you want a test drive first, but you will be hooked. The dance energy can be quite contagious and addictive.

Dance Classes

Dance Spirit - Kizomba, Bechata And Zouk

One thing that is hard to do at times when you are suppose to have a partner is trust, let go and allowing yourself to be lead. Dance Spirit is just the team that you need to help you get there - and through their dance genre, you really have no choice but allow yourself to trust.

If you want to join them, you can find them either at Sankayi Night Club or the Baalbek Lebanese Restaurant. Check out their page to see where they are. Alternatively, the Canteen Rooftop Sunday in Maboneng is always on fire.

Get up and dance Jozi!


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