Chinese New Year Celebrations in Johannesburg – 2024


Chinese New Year is fast approaching! Be sure to diarise 10 February 2024 to keep it in mind. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, this being the fifth zodiac animal that appear in the Chinese zodiac. And if you’re looking for ways to celebrate this special occasion, then be sure to keep reading. From China Towns and malls to exciting celebrations and more, here’s what you can get up to this Chinese New Year.

chinese new year

But more specifically, 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon, which is said to bring authority, prosperity, and good fortune. In Chinese culture, the Dragon is seen as an auspicious and extraordinary creature full of talent and excellence, symbolising power, nobility, honour, luck, and success. With this in mind, 2024 should bring exciting opportunities, changes, and challenges.

To ensure that we celebrate the Chinese New Year in style while having loads of fun, we have gone in search of events, destinations, restaurants, and more to make The Year of the Dragon a great one for all. Here’s our Joburg Guide to the Chinese New Year 2024!

chinese new year

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2024

We don’t see plenty of events happening in the city this year. But, there are a handful that you can find in different areas.

If you find anything that we can add to the list, drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram to let us know! We’re always on the hunt for fun-filled events and would like to add as many as possible to our list! Here’s what we have so far when it comes to Chinese New Year celebrations for 2024.

Chinese New Year Cultural Festival

Date: Sunday, 11 February 2024 from 09:30 to 15:00

Join the Nan Hua Template in Bronkhorstspruit for their ever-popular and stunning New Year Cultural Festival. Entry is FREE and you can spend the day exploring the temple, viewing the stunning architecture, and enjoying the various multicultural displays. There will also be plenty of Chinese, Cantonese and Taiwanese cuisine to savour, as well as a lantern display. Click here for more information.

chinese new year
chinese new year

Chinese New Year Dragon Painting

Date: 10 February 2024 from 13:00 pm – 17:00

Join Potted Glass Studio in celebrating the Year of the Dragon. Enjoy painting exquisite ceramic Chinese Dragons. Unleash your creativity and savour a scrumptious Chinese lunch provided for your enjoyment. Embrace the festivities and welcome the Lunar New Year with artistry and culinary indulgence. Click here for more information.

Visit Joburg’s China Towns & Malls

And as if the thrilling celebrations and events weren’t enough, be sure to visit Joburg’s ever-popular and well-know China Town and China Malls to do some retail therapy, Chinese cuisine dining, and cultural enlightenment. These exciting destinations are always bustling with adventure and experience you need to try at least once!

Click here to discover the famous Joburg China Towns and malls, where you can immerse yourself in Chinese culture and experiences.

chinese new year
chinese new year

Chinese Restaurants In Johannesburg

During the the New Year, why not head out into the city and dine at one of these Chinese restaurants throughout Joburg? Here, you can indulge in some authentic cuisine and delight your taste buds with the flavours and dishes of China! Click here to find some of the best oriental restaurants in the city.

Visit The Nan Hua Temple

One of Gauteng’s hidden gem, the Nan Hua Temple in Bronkhorstspruit is an absolute must visit! Offering free temple tours and meditation retreats, it’s a chance to balance your mind, body and spirit in a tranquil, culturally rich space. Here’s why you need to visit. Also, don’t miss their 2024 New Year Cultural Festival this February! Click here for more information.

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