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Bite Into Deliciousness At Woolworths Cafe

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Indulge in all the goodness that awaits you at Woolworths Cafe. Travel through their creative and generous menu for something mouthwatering. Woolworths Cafe Johannesburg

When Woolworths Cafe opened, our lives found purpose. Pay them a visit and soon you will be telling us about your yummy experience.

Woolworths Cafe Johannesburg

And Then... Lick Your Fingers

What has always been known their for clothing, is now known for their tasty food.

Woolworths started by showing us how we can make delicious food at home. Through social media and TASTE magazine, they inspired people to try out food recipes they wouldn't normally go for.

Right when we thought Woolies couldn't get any better, they wowed us with Woolworths Cafe.

Woolworths Cafe Johannesburg

Om Nom Nom


Woolies Cafe boasts a generous menu, filled with creativity and the signature Woolworths touch. Anyone who loves food will enjoy every moment.

At the cafe, you will enjoy the luxury of an all day breakfast - nothing is better than that. The unconventional eater will love their menu and the typical foodie will find a new food spot.

The cafe has a customer-centric menu which includes many dietary options such as carb-conscious, gluten-conscious as well as vegetarian meals.

They have lunch and dinner options which include sandwiches, salads, burgers, bowls and light meals, among others. They also offer decadent desserts to finish off your meal.

Woolworths Cafe Johannesburg


This eatery offers a variery of hot and cold beverages, whether you want an Elixir, pressed juice or a warm chai tea.

They also have fueling smoothies and sweet milkshakes. Who could dare say no?

The Look & Feel

Woolworths Cafe stays true to the traditional Woolworths brand.

They have a modest, clean-cut, minimalist look that makes us feel at home. Patrons can view the kitchen and watch as the chef prepares the meals.

So, let us eat - let us eat it all!

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