Why Woolies Will Wow You … If It Hasn’t Already

It’s time to get inspired and what better place to find inspiration that the one and only, Woolies. Check out why Woolies is the best!


I have yet to come across a person who will tell me that they do not like Woolies or the amazing good quality stuff that they have to offer. When you put some thought into it, Woolies probably has almost everything you might need.

Here’s my story line – They will feed you, dress you, make you up (excuse pun), help you get cool gifts, decorate your home, help you give flowers (maybe even receive them😉) and feed you again when you out with a friend – at their Cafe. If I missed anything, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.



Woolies is house to some of the most reputable beauty brands around, from skincare, make-up and fragrances.

Their beauty splash page is filled user friendly guides to getting the products that you are looking for and they have helpful ways of letting you know what is right and how to use it. Just a heads up for all the vegan community, they also have amazing quality vegan-friendly products that have been approved by Beauty Without Cruelty.

You can also shop for water wise beauty products, we all know we don’t like the smudges.



Woolies is house to quality and fashionable clothing that will make you feel like you just walked out of a magazine. Their brand always goes for the editorial look, the look that makes anyone feel confident about what you are wearing. Both ladies and gents.

Whether you looking for something casual, high fashion or even formal – you can definitely depend on Woolies to have your back. Under garments play a very significant role in my life, okay! maybe that was super exaggerated, but honestly woolies has a wide range of good quality under garments for ladies and gents.

May I name drop the ever so tasteful Distraction lingerie by Bonang is exclusive to Woolworths. Need I say more!



Let me start off by asking, have you had the simple vanilla sponge cake inspired with caramel from Woolies? If you have not, please do try it. (I have never been a caramel cake person until they converted me with their mouthwatering cake – if you really not open to caramel, just go simple triple choc – lives up to expectation just as much)

The one thing that they have mastered is the innovation that comes with creating recipes and creativity when making food. Their TASTE magazine is a great place to start if you really want to be inspired and try some yummy eats at home.

Check this simple temptation out:

Another awesome thing that Woolies have ever done for the country is open their Woolworths Cafes, people flock to the cafe because their menu is just as innovative as their recipes. The menu boasts with a multitude of options, but I mean nothing could have sold it any better than these three words – “All Day Breakfast”🤤

Reality tells us that Woolies is the bomb dot com!


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