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Why Northriding Keeps Trending on Twitter

Why Northriding Keeps Trending on Twitter

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Ever wondered why #Northriding keeps trending on Twitter? If you’re a Northriding resident, you're no stranger to being left in the dark.

Living in South Africa means expecting Eskom to announce load shedding and switching off the lights. But living in Northriding means expecting to wake up to no power regardless of the scheduled load shedding times. The reason why Northriding has been constantly trending on Twitter is because of random power outages in the suburb and the masses are tired ...

City Power created a Twitter account (@CityPowerjhb) in 2011 to interact with its customers. This allowed customers to alert City Power about their dissatisfactions, report faults and outages in their areas in Johannesburg. Customers have been doing exactly that for months, complaining about one specific area, Northriding in Randburg. In a statement released 15 February 2022 via Twitter, City Power stated that “two distributors had tripped during the process of restoration, causing delays”. Another statement of the same format was released five days later stating that “the cause of the outage is unknown”.

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In the early hours of 22 February 2022, City Power released a short statement addressing the issue and promising to “keep customers updated on developments”. What is striking is that City Power still has not resolved the issue or at least informed residents about the real cause of the frequent outages.

The residents did not waste any time and started expressing their grievances and dissatisfaction under the hashtag #Northriding. The “team” that is supposedly on-site doing investigations since last year, has not yet figured out what is causing the outages.

The statements signed off by various personnel from customer care shows that City Power acknowledges the inconvenience caused. Nonetheless, residents are still livid because City Power is starting to sound like a broken record. Residents have threatened to protest, sue and leave the suburb. Check out these tweets by Northriding residents and local businesses.

The Joburg DA Ward Councillor, Devon Steenkamp took to his Twitter to address the residents. The issue might be resolved soon, but don’t be surprised if you see #Northriding trending again soon.

Written by Tendani Rabali.


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