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Whimsical Le Parc By tashas Has Opened In Hyde Park Corner

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Have you heard? The much-anticipated Le Parc by tashas has finally opened its doors at Hyde Park Corner, offering diners and shoppers a whimsical food and retail emporium that's sure to delight! Keep reading to find out more about what you can expect at this beautiful destination. 

tashas in Hyde Park has been given a new look and brand, and is now a one-of-a-kind food and retail emporium, called Le Parc by tashas. This destination brings the streets and market-style courtyards of Paris to Hyde Park Corner.

This is the first time that a South African tashas store reflects the Tashas Group international-level offering. Le Parc bridges the gap in the local portfolio of Tasha Group brands. Developed in Dubai and brought to life in South Africa.

Le Parc intends to bring joy and be regarded as a happy space,” explains CEO and founder, Natasha Sideris. “It’s bright, different, unique and fun. It’s delicate and feminine, and there’s something for the kids too. It’s an experience, and one which I think people need. It’s not just a come and dine and go place anymore… it’s a step inside a whimsical world.

Led by interior architect, Neydine Bak, and architect, Dewald Struwig, their approach to design celebrates honesty. Each store takes inspiration from its surroundings to become an intimate and considered experience. For Le Parc, the location reflects a retail and food focus.

There are not a lot of places where you can dine and shop, this is the whole experience,” says Natasha.

Le Parc by tashas

Indulge At The Food Emporium

The Le Parc menu offers 75 items all made on order. 20 of the dishes are tashas Classic Menu favourites, and the remaining 55 dishes are brand-new, reflecting a French theme. Wondering what to expect on the menu? Think Ratatouille Eggs with Crispy Brinjal; Smoked Salmon Salad; a tashas-take on a Bahn Mi (crispy baguette with a savoury filling); and even Calamari Provençal.

And let's not forget to mention the gelato. Le Parc makes its own ice-cream – six different flavours and one unique "flavour of the week" – all to be enjoyed either at home or at the food emporium. There's also a candy-floss machine, waffle station and toffee apples, making Le Parc a fun place to indulge and delight your sweet tooth.

Other than the delectable food at Le Parc, there’s also a great retail offering. One of the highlights is the bread, ranging from freshly baked sourdough, baguettes, cranberry and seed loaf, coconut bread, to gluten-free options, which will be made daily and displayed in all their glory.

Le Parc by tashas

Explore Their Retail Experience

Browse and shop over 300 items from Le Parc, either made in-house or sourced from local partners and even a few international delights. Two oval tables will be the focal point of the retail space, which will be filled with a bounty of breads, pastries, linens, ceramics, olive oils, preservatives, butters, biscuits and sweets, even tashas much-loved homemade granola. You can also purchase bespoke crockery and linen homeware with the option of having it personalised and monogrammed.

Some of the products will be under our brand, and some of them under the original supplier,” says Natasha. “It’s important for us to be authentic and to give credit to those suppliers and partners whose top-quality products feature in our retail section.

Le Parc by tashas

And The Décor? Beautiful!

As one of the top-dining destinations in Hyde Park Corner, Le Parc has added extra seating to its space, and a more intimate feel with the addition of stained-glass frames and fabric sails across the ceiling.

"One of our biggest challenges of being located inside a mall, has always been the lighting," Natasha explains. "The sails have softened the lighting from the skylight, without making it too dark and we’ve added new architectural lighting, and candles to give the space a natural feel."

For Natasha, the most successful décor change has been the colour – from stucco and pale hues to a warm palette of pinks with pops of colour – it’s warm and completely separates the space from the rest of the centre. The décor showcases a number of collaborations, elements and expressions from local designers and artists.

Le Parc has always had a Parisian flair, but this has been pushed to new levels with some “over the top” design aspects,” Nicky Greig, Head Stylist for Tashas Group explains. “With a whimsical inspiration from Annabelle’s in London, the pink colour palette has added pops of fun with wild fabric prints in contrasting and contradictory colours.

The floors have been replaced with slate tiles in a typically French pattern, the space feels separate to the mall – more like a courtyard in Paris.

Le Parc by tashas

The space also showcases rare artisan skills, including:

  • Watercolour illustrations by Victoria Verbaan, which featured on the hoarding during construction and will be turned into a bespoke stationery range for the store.
  • Papier-mâché art by David and Alexandra Ross in the form of over-sized trophies, a croquembouche, and a vibrant bowl of fruit and flowers, all available for purchase.
  • A 400-piece paper art installation by Elonah O’Neil. Folded by hand and individually painted in golf leaf, each item in the installation brings a softness and play on movement and light to the space.
  • Hanging fabrics by Michael Spaan have added to the aesthetic alongside Ecophon fabric has softened the space.
  • Fabrics  sourced and curated by Nicky Greig and made by Sam Schatte. Customers will be greeted with bold colours and vibrant patterns. Expect red and blue leopard print, and once-taboo pink and red combinations mean no two chairs are the same – from the oversized couch to the chairs and barstools.
  • Custom-made book cabinets by The Iron Banister, play home to the largest collection of Assouline books in South Africa. Globally, Assouline are recognised as the first luxury brand on culture and have been available in South Africa in limited quantities, until now.
  • Handmade, bespoke stained-glass panels by Live Light Stained Glass, now surround Le Parc. Shades of lilac and jade green create a vintage feel of Paris.

"The real point of departure from the more conservative look-and-feel of tashas, was when we conceptualised the idea for the papier-mâché fruit bowl," Natasha explains. "It ignited a more artistic and colourful interpretation for the space. The more we developed the concept, the more we realised we were creating something completely new for the South African market."

Le Parc is open Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On Sunday, join them for breakfast or lunch.

Le Parc by tashas

For More Information

For more information about Le Parc by tashas, visit

You can also contact them by calling 011 325 5008 or emailing [email protected].

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest offerings, delicious creations and information about this whimsical destination in the heart of Hyde Park.

Address: Hyde Park Corner, Shop U29, William Nicol Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue and 6th Road, Hyde Park, Johannesburg,


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