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Volunteer And Make A Difference During Lockdown

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Have some free time on your hands and looking for something to do? Why not volunteer during the lockdown and help make a difference? Here's how you can help. Every small bit counts! volunteer hands holding red knitted hands

Even though we're all on lockdown, it doesn't mean that we can't lend a helping hand to those who need our support during this difficult time. There are many ways to volunteer during the lockdown/pandemic, and best of all, you don't even need to leave the comfort and safety of your home to reach out and help out locally. You can still offer resources, skills and contributions to those in need.

Wondering how to volunteer and make a difference in your community during the lockdown? Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

Grocery Shopping With A Twist

When we say grocery shopping, we don't mean grocery shopping for you and your loved ones. We mean shopping for much needed items and necessities that NPOs are kindly asking to be donated to their cause. To assist, contact local NPOs or visit their websites to take a look at what's on their wish list or grocery list, go shopping for these products online and have it all delivered to their desired address. Even if it's just a few of the items they require, each little bit will be greatly appreciated.

grocery shopping

Do Some Virtual Volunteering

You can still volunteer while you're under lockdown! Just like the rest of the nation, this act of kindness has gone virtual, allowing you to assist from home. The term for this is called virtual volunteering and it has become a thing! Want to virtual volunteer during your free time? Then visit, which will offer you a wide choice of causes in various locations throughout South Africa asking for assistance with various activities during the lockdown. All you have to do is go online and search for activities that suit your interests and skills.

charity community hands holding a red heart

Support Domestic Workers

Among those that have been affected the most during this time are the domestic workers and gardeners that keep homes in top condition. Even if they have the benefit of living with you and your family, they still have extended families that rely on their income to ensure they're still provided for during the lockdown. Help them ensure that their families will be alright during the lockdown by paying them during this uncertain time.

cleaning products in a blue bucket being held by a cleaner wearing orange gloves


Another good deed you can do during the lockdown is donate. There are many Back-A-Buddy initiatives that need your help. You can also support our frontline heroes in the medical industry by donating to the SHOUT4Masks initiative that'll provide health workers with the necessary protective gear as they treat and fight the spread of COVID-19. Also, contact your local animal shelters to find out how you can donate to their organisation.

donate child putting coins into a blue piggy bank

Offer Virtual Chats, Tutoring Or Counselling

During the lockdown, there are many people that are either social distancing or isolating alone who feel lonely. There are others that aren't coping and need someone to talk to about what's bothering them. Also, there are parents that are battling to home school their children as they, too, need to work and require some assistance. Many are struggling at this time. Offer your skills, kindness and expertise to those who need some help on community pages on social media.

man with brown hair making a phone call with a white smart phone placed near his ear

Support These Community Initiatives 

Many charities, organisations and SMEs are struggling to make ends meet or keep their doors open due to the national lockdown and the spread of the pandemic. Right now, they need you more than ever to help them make it through. To see which community initiatives and charities need your help, click here to see how you can give back to the community during this difficult time.

charity community green grass with glass jar filled with coins and soil being watered


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