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Give Back To The Community During #LockdownSA

Give Back To The Community During #LockdownSA

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During this difficult time, there are many charities and organisations that need our help in order to keep them operating. From supporting the medical community to making donations and assisting with kind acts, here's what you can do to give back during the COVID-19 outbreak.  charity community south african flag painted on hands shaped like a heart

Support Animal Shelters & Rescues

Animal shelters across the country are also starting to feel the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of these animal supporting initiatives and organisations are battling to keep their doors open and animals fed. To help make a difference to these brands and help their fur babies, please take a moment to visit any local animal rescue site and find out how you can help. We have an entire list of animal shelters that you can contact, but these are the ones that have reached out asking for assistance:

Even a small donation will help make a difference.

animal shelters

SHOUT SA's Campaign, Shout4Masks

With the outbreak spreading by the day, there's a shortage of protective masks to keep our frontline heroes safe as they fight COVID-19. For as little as R100, donate combo packs of both specialist and surgical masks to healthcare professionals and patients through SHOUT SA's campaign, Shout4Masks. Corporates are also called to assist by contributing to the cause by choosing between various special Corporate Tiers. Certificates of recognition will be issued to honour these invaluable contributions.

shout4masks campaign by SHOUT SA

Support Joburg Ballet

Due to the outbreak, Joburg Ballet has had to cancel their shows. This has sadly made a huge impact on the company. The Mail and Guardian has reported that Joburg Ballet has lost an estimated R1 million due to the cancellation. Other than watching their shows, there are many other ways that you can support Joburg Ballet during this difficult time. Here's how.

Joburg Ballet

South African Fund 4 Entertainment

Another industry that's being knocked quite hard due to the national lockdown and the COVID-19 outbreak is the local entertainment industry. And SAFE (South African Fund 4 Entertainment) are fighting for the unsung heroes that work behind the scenes of every event that you attend. This includes the technical set-up crews, security officers, cleaners, fencing staff, décor company set-up crews, barmen, waiters and more. Partnered with Pick 'n Pay Feed The Nation and event industry leaders, SAFE aim to support these workers with food vouchers which will allow them to go to their nearest Pick 'n Pay for a hamper of essentials. Click here to find out how you can help.

Join Dlala Nje In #KeepingPonteLoveAlive

Dlala Nje is an NGO working to change hearts and minds by spreading their love of the inner city to all. Their walking tours are known for showing the true beauty of Hillbrow and its surrounds. These tours are imperative to revitalising the city through tourism and social initiatives. Help Dlala Nje stay alive by joining the #KeepPonteLoveAlive campaign.

Dlala Nje

Essential Shop & Support A Great Cause

While you're out doing your essential shopping, surely you don't have time to "lend a helping hand". The last thing any of us want to do is stay away from the comfort and safety of our homes longer than we need to, especially when there's an outbreak throughout the country. But, when you shop for your groceries, don't forget to take your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card along with you if you're heading to Woolworths for a quick shop to support the community.

To support this amazing community loyalty programme, all you have to do is swipe your card when you shop and you'll help over 8 000 charities, schools and animal welfare or environmental organisations across the country. Every time you use your card at any of their partner stores, they'll give back a percentage of your purchase value – on your behalf – to the school or charity you choose at absolutely no cost to you!

To find out more about this initiative and how to get your own MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card, visit

Don't forget to download the app to your iPhone or Android.

charity community hands holding a red heart

Support Our Healthcare Community

As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads throughout the country, our healthcare network is going to need assistance from the community to ensure that they provide only the best care to infected patients and have the right equipment and supplies to do so.

With this in mind, the Gift of the Givers Foundation has partnered with Backabuddy to set up a fundraising campaign to support the doctors, nurses and medical staff that work on the frontline in medical facilities in South Africa. The funds will go towards manual and automated ventilation equipment; intubation equipment; safety equipment for medical staff as well as medical supplies.

Their fund raising target is R 2 million. Click here to help them help South Africa during this uncertain and challenging time in our country.

charity community scrabble latters spelling out the word charity

Help Feed Families

Along with the COVID-19 outbreak comes companies closing their doors and staff receiving reduced salaries. Some may not receive an income at all! This is definitely going to be a difficult season across the country for all. With this, many families won't be able to afford to put dinner on the table and keep their loved ones fed.

This is where FoodForward SA steps in! FoodForward SA ensures that there will be food provisions available for the country's most vulnerable groups in the coming months. This includes facilities for the elderly, orphans and vulnerable children, those living with HIV/AIDS, disabled persons, the homeless, as well as vulnerable women. Nutrition is critical in maintaining a strong immune system, which is essential during this time.

Nation Changers have also joined the cause to ensure that impoverished communities are sustained. You can donate goods or cash and help them provide 20 000 CityHill Care Kits to orphanages, the Philikade Hospital and individual families by clicking here.

charity community heart made with white wire sitting in grass outdoors

Pay It Forward In The Community With Piza ē Vino

As we all worry about the spread of COVID-19, let's not forget about those who need the community's help. Join Piza ē Vino as they pay it forward during this difficult time. They are collecting pizza slices for their customers to take for those in the community who need a meal. To assist in this initiative, add only R5 to your bill to contribute towards a slice of pizza.

For more information about this contribution to community healing, click here.


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