Urban Gardening Thrives At The JFF Rooftop Farm

Have you always wanted to grow your own rooftop garden? Visit JFF Rooftop Farm in Braamfontein to find a great array of plants perfect for any urban garden. The nursery is open in level 3 lockdown, so head on over to find awesome deals and excellent customer service.

Living in the inner city certainly has its perks – the bright city lights, lofty apartments and the best secret party venues. However, there is rarely ever the space to grow your own garden in these cramped quarters. That’s why in recent years we’ve been hearing a lot more about urban gardening. Not only does this decrease CO2 levels in the city air, but urban gardens provide the tranquility that other inner city spaces lack. And where better to grow yourself an entire sustainable plant nursery than atop the roof of a popular art precinct in Braamfontein?

Braam’s Best Hidden Hideout 

The JJF Rooftop Farm is exactly this – an urban gardening centre and tea garden situated on the first floor rooftop of the Kalashnikovv Gallery. To access the garden you must first climb a small ladder, so don’t go in heels ladies! Once you’re there, take in a deep breath and admire the wondrous surrounds. A lush expanse of plant life awaits, as well as a few benches to perch yourself down on. The plants here grow in abundance, making their homes in crate planters and along hanging garden walls. Just a hop and a skip away from the bustling restaurants and clubs below, this truly is one of the best hidden hideaways in Braamfontein.

JFF In Level 3 Lockdown

Since the introduction of level 4 lockdown, the JFF Rooftop Farm has been hard at work. You can now visit them between Tuesday and Saturday from 10:00 – 14:00 to browse around the garden or find that dream plant for your own rooftop jungle. After months in lockdown, we are sure you could use a bit of fresh air and greenery. And if, like us, you’ve gotten stuck deep into your garden during this time, this is the ideal place to visit for indigenous plants to add to your garden.

In level 3 lockdown, JJF Rooftop Farm is operating under stringent health and safety precautions. You must wear a face mask at all times and regularly sanitise your hands. A limited number of customers will be allowed into the garden at a time to facilitate social distancing measures. As new advanced level 3 lockdown regulations come into effect, we’ll have to wait and see if the tea garden reopens, but for the time being it is closed to sit-down customers.

Local Delivery 

To help you stay home and stay safe, JFF Rooftop Farm now offers local delivery services within 5km on a variety of their most popular plants. If you aren’t quite ready to venture out, contact them to order direct from their shop. Their email address is jozifoodfarmer@gmail.com.

If you decide to visit the farm in person, co-founders Ashleigh Machete and Negin Monkoe should be around to help you pick out the best new additions for your garden beds. They’ve got everything from miniature succulents to potted herbs, salad greens and great leafy indoor plants. Be kinder to the earth and your garden and invest in these wonderful homegrown plant species. Most are low on water consumption and require little maintenance so you can go about your busy life without worrying about your plants too much.

Click here to see their range of plants and succulents.

For More Information

Visit the JFF Rooftop Farm website for more information, or follow their social media pages:



Details: (Tel) 081 768 4827 | 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

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