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Braamfontein After Dark

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Braamfontein is one of the trendiest places to be and be seen. Get to know our favourite inner-city neighbourhood with all its restaurants, bars and hangouts. 

Eating in Braamfontein 


Perfectly encapsulating the true vibe of Braamfontein, Artivist is a multipurpose space with an eatery, a bar and a gallery all in one. Plus it features music and performance. They dish up Pan-African and Mediterranean cuisine and have held pop-up foodie events. Feel like a culture vulture surrounded by artworks while you sip your latte, enjoy lunch with friends or meet for cocktails after work with an awesome playlist adding to the vibey atmosphere.

86 Public

You can't go to Braamies without popping into 86 Public. Craft pizza is the name of the game here and they pull it off very well. From butternut and blue cheese on a beer base to prosciutto, gorgonzola, pear and caramelised onions on sourdough, 86 Public knows how to combine flavours. It's no wonder they opened a branch in Illovo.

Party in Braamfontein 

Bannister Hotel

One of the coolest places to have breakfast in Braamfontein is at the Bannister Hotel. And there is a very good reason why we love it so much: breakfast is a choice from a set menu or a buffet and the coffee is bottomless. Yip, bottomless, and you don't have to stay at the hotel to dig in at the restaurant downstairs.


One of the oldest pubs in the city, Kitcheners serves great toasted sandwiches – and they throw one helluva party. As Kitcheners hosts live music, DJs and comedy shows almost every night of the week, your best bet to find out what's going down at this joint is to keep an eye on their Facebook page. If you've never partied in Braamies, then Kitcheners is a great place to start

Great Dane

Continuing on what we've said above: if you've never partied in Braamfontein before, then Great Dane is a great place to end. They open late at night and close in the early morning. Some of the country's biggest music acts (think Die Antwoord) have performed here. On some nights there's a password to get in and the only way to get the password is to scour their Facebook page for it. Great Dane is owned by the same dude who ran Town Hall in Melville and owns Brian Lara's Rum Bar in Linden, so you know it's a good place to party

Find a place to sleep

Bannister Hotel

Twice in one article, eh? The Bannister Hotel offers comfortable beds, awesome décor and brilliant service. Their breakfast buffets are what dreams are made of, and if you're going to visit Braamfontein after dark then the Bannister Hotel is the place to rest your head for the night.

The Devonshire

Yeah, sure it's not quite Braamfontein but we must include it. Besides, there's always an Airbnb around every corner these days. The Devonshire is a beautiful inner-city hotel situated at the top of Jorrison Street (close to Constitution Hill). This inner-city hideaway boasts secure parking, room service and even on-site baby sitters. The Devonshire offers easy access to the city and is the perfect distance from Braamfontein's party centre.

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