Travelling With The Kids?...This Is What You Need

Dear Parents! We all know travel can be a lot of admin, even worse when you come to the reality that you are now a parent and the kids are coming along.

Before you start panicking and probably scratching the idea altogether, let's go through a little list that will help you get through everything. Travelling with your kids can be the best thing for you and them. You learn a lot when you have to travel with the bambinos.

First Things First...

If the plan is to go abroad or through a boarder of sorts, treat your child like an adult - they need a passport just as much as you do. Age is just a number...they said.

To accompany this, if your child is still an infant - best prepare that unabridged birth certificate because you just might need it especially when going outside of Mzansi.

Side Note: most airlines would encourage you to travel when the baby is at least a month but preferably a quarter or half a year old, sometimes you may be required to bring a fit to fly certificate from your paediatrician.

Travelling with The Kids

2 years and above:

At this age, a child is considered old enough to pay for a seat so do make sure that you don't find yourself having to check in and then miss your flight because you have to go back to buy a ticket for the little one.

Pack Smart

A wise lady once said, "Bag Lady, you gon' hurt your back"- Erykah Badu

Honestly! You always need to have enough clothing for the children because they get dirty quite easily. At the back of your mind, always be conscious of the season of your travel destination. The majority love surprises, just not where weather is concerned.

Limit the stereotype "what if" items as much possible. What if's also might come with; what if I have to pay thousands wherever I go because of clothing I won't even wear. Trick: Always pack less clothes for yourself than your children. Shoes, don't fall victim of the "I need a pair for every outfit". That will not work in your favour, honey!

Travelling with The Kids

The Right Wheels

Car rental is one of the integral things to do where travel is concerned so in the case that you need a car, make sure that it comes with a car seat. This is just to ensure that there is the convenience aspect and just peace of mind.

The small vehicle

Stroller Alert - The collapsible stroller is acceptable on planes, this is for space purposes and is free of charge to take with (unless stated otherwise by airline).

Hiccup: Just check if the airline is okay with weight of your stroller.

Please don't hesitate to share your little tricks with us...that's it from me!

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