Top Five Tips From A Joburg Teacher To Parents

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A teacher and part time MA student at WITS, Bianca van Heerden has a passion for children. She was kind enough to share some of her top tips for parents.  teacher johannesburg

Make Reading Fun

Reading is the cornerstone of a child's education. If you instil a love for reading in your child then he or she should have a firm grasp on the content of school textbooks from the word go. Start by reading your child some storybooks and then have them read back to you. Assist and reward is the name of the game when it comes to reading. Act out scenes, put on funny voices, and soon your child will be reading with a confident smile.

Listen To Your Kids

Bullying can become a real problem at schools and should be taken seriously. It can lead to fear, anxiety and even depression in children. Telling a child to toughen up and ignore bullies is like fighting a raging bull with your hands tied behind your back. Bullies should be dealt with, and teachers, parents and the school board need to deal with the matter with seriousness and urgency. Bullying can lead to a child's performance failing to a point where they struggle to recover and eventually dread going to school.

Pack A Healthy Lunch

Sugar is the monkey on the back of the modern world. As we all know, it amplifies conditions like Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder, can weaken their immune systems and lead to unhealthy weight gain. If your child is on ADHD medication, make sure it is administered at the same time every day. Do not skip a day, not even during the holiday season. A healthy kid is a happy kid and a happy kid thrives at school. Fresh fruit, lots of veg and a healthy dose of fresh fish does wonders for the brain. So pack that lunch and wave a firm goodbye to pies and chips. From now on...

Always Be Supportive

It should be said that more flies can be caught with honey than with vinegar. It is possible to be strict yet fair and authoritative yet helpful. Every child is different and talented in different ways and their strengths, no matter how different they may seem at first, should be understood and supported. Mozart became the greatest composer of all time because his parents nurtured and believed in him. The trick is to encourage talent, regardless of whether you consider it exceptional or not. A parent's encouragement can carry a child all the way.

By Shawn Greyling

Did you find these helpful? What are some of your top tips for parents? If you found this informing, show it to friends and family on social media. 

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