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Top Five Gifts to Surprise Your Girlfriend With

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Here's a tip that'd score you brownie points any day of the week: don't wait for special occasions to surprise your girlfriend with a gift. Catch her off guard with one of these brilliant, hand crafted, locally made items. Man giving wife Christmas gift

Tamelia Backpack

This is a young print design studio based in Knysna. With inspiration from quirky illustration, retro 50s prints, Scandi design, nature, and life in South Africa, Tamelia have put together a contemporary range of bags and T-shirts using their own bold, fresh prints.


House of Kalie 1/2 cent Pendant

Using a blend of both traditional and cutting edge techniques, combined with the use of non-traditional, traditional and contemporary mediums, the hallmark of the House of Kalie is producing remarkable pieces of jewellery that are in themselves works of art. An example of their unique pieces is this Africa cut-away 1/2 cent in old brass... stunning isn't it?


Ciao Blonde Slim Wallet

Savior Brand Co. delivers expertly crafted, timeless and functional leather wallets. They are 100% hand crafted, using premium leather and is handmade in Durban.


Leather-ette Bracelet

Pretty Found Things revels in the magic of found and treasured objects, preserving their stories in the finest of metals. Lovely sterling silver chain and white woven genuine leather bracelet, worn individually or stacked up.
The contrast of tough leather with a delicate silver chain makes this a perfect piece for any occasion.


Stockton Goods Beatnik Journal

Stockton Goods is an artisan leather goods company based in Cape Town. The Beatnik Journal is the perfect city companion.  It fits in any bag and most large pockets. Good for on the go notes, sketches and thoughts.


By Shawn Greyling

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