Tiger’s Milk Comes To You

The Tiger is coming to your front door…


Everyone’s favourite dude food hangout is roaring to your front door.  Tiger’s Milk has set up its very own delivery service comprising of the chain’s waiters. The brand has also partnered up with third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats and Mr Delivery to ensure that they keep up with the influx of orders. Delivery times will be between 12pm – 7pm, daily. In the initial opening, Tiger’s Milk Cedar Square will be in operation from 1 May 2020.
“We want to ensure that we have a quality product and excellent service delivery and then we will be looking at opening more stores as we move forward.” says Ava Smith, the group’s Gauteng Marketing and Events Co-ordinator. Customers can visit www.tigermilk.co.za to place their orders online. Spoil yourself with the online exclusive Tiger King Exotic Menu.  Good to know, the restaurant has also added sushi as well as all-day breakfast pizzas to the menu.
“We would like to ensure that we put emphasis on our delivery system as we would like as much support of our staff as possible. Alternatively, they can order on their Mr D / Uber Eats app.” Ava concludes.
Be sure to keep an eye on Tiger’s Milk Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages as they will be running a string of exciting giveaways, such as  drink and food tickets, and much more.
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