The entire room/club is like something out of a David Lynch Movie as it is, as the name suggests, red. The sole focus of the Red Room is good music. They love playing and enjoying music that people love to listen to. Since 2003, it has been open every Saturday night for people to come shake their booties.The Red Room likes to play quite the variety of music such as: alternative classic, new and edgy, indie essentials, 80’s, rock n roll, guilty pleasures, trashy disco, hard and heavy and soft and weepy. There is also a New Underground scene for those who prefer not to be mainstream.

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One thought on “The Red Room

  1. This is the MOST AMAZING club I have been to in ages. The music is awesome, people are down to earth. There is no trouble. I love this place!!!

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The Red Room is a music venue and club situated away from the inner city to rid its visitors of ‘inner city blues’.

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