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Start Living A Tobacco-Free Lifestyle With Twisp!

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You’ve quit smoking, congratulations! But, are you still stealing a puff here and there, or just relapsing over and over again? If this is the case, then why not help ween yourself off smoking for good with Twisp!

What is Twisp?

Twisp is South Africa’s first and favourite personal vapouriser not only offering great quality, but also a reputation that marks it as the most trusted name in the industry. Currently, Twisp has three uniquely styled vapourising devices that are perfectly suited to different personal tastes. These devices include The Solo, The Edge and The Aero. Click here to find out which device suits your style and needs.

Twisp Devices

Twisp Also Has Many Awesome Flavours Available!

Twisp’s exclusive range of e-cigarette refill flavours will delight all of your senses with the refined aromas of blended ingredients. Their flavours are made with only the best international ingredients and are produced locally to the highest pharmaceutical standards:

• Produced in a Medicine Control Council approved lab
• Good Manufacturing Practice approved
• International Organization for Standards approved
• Produced with Top Grade Pharmaceutical Nicotine
• Produced with Natural Flavour Ingredients wherever possible
• Produced according to strict Batch Coding practices, ensuring traceability and consistent quality
• Contained in Childproof bottles

Twisp Flavours

The complete range of Twisp E-Liquid refills will leave you spoilt for choice. Whether you like your staple flavours like vanilla or strawberry, or want something a little more creative, Twisp will have a flavour for you, with or without nicotine. The zero nicotine E-Liquid refills will satisfy without the nicotine. Or try their Zero Limoncello, which will have you dreaming of the Mediterranean. They are always working on new e-liquid refill flavours to keep your Twisping experience exciting.

If you like the idea of trying some some exciting new flavours, Twisp can present an entire menu so that you can experiment with a diversity of flavourful e-liquids. Click here to see what flavours they in store for you to enjoy.

Where To Find A Twisp Store

Dedicated Twisp stores provide customers with expert product and sales. Their fast growing national footprint in all major shopping centres, giving Twispers convenient access to the complete Twisp range and qualified ‘Twispologists’, who will gladly assist you when selecting the right device and flavours. Twisp is available at over 600 retailers nationwide. Click here to find one near you.

For more information

For more information about Twisp, and their selection of products and flavours, call (021) 001 8511, email [email protected], or visit their website at

Also, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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