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Shopping in Midrand

Shopping in Midrand

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As one of the top places to shop in South Africa, dedicated shoppers hit the ground running in Midrand every week! Read on to find out the best places to go shopping in Midrand. shopping in Midrand

Midrand is a real shopper's town! As it is situated right in the centre of two major economic hubs, the shopping habits of residents in the area reflect this. If you are looking to shop 'til you drop in Johannesburg, Midrand is the place to do it. Home to one of the largest malls on the continent, it truly is a shopper's paradise!

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Shopping Centres & Malls

Shopping Centres & Malls

Superspar Polofields

Whether you're looking for a grocery shopping experience like no other, need to plan some catering for a special event, need to renew your car's license disk, or simply need to pick up a few things after work, Superspar Polofields is just the place. Here, you can expect to find everything you need when it comes to food and grocery shopping, as well as a coffee shop, top-notch service, a specialty butcher and so much more.

Click here for more information about Superspar Polofields.

superspar polofields

Blue Hills Shopping Centre

Blue Hills Shopping Centre is a single-level shopping centre situated on Olifantsfontein Road and African View Drive, Midrand. As a spacious and convenient local shopping centre, Blue Hills has nearly 45 stores, and offers free parking to visitors! Locals love the convenience of having a doctor and dentist right around the corner from the Clicks Pharmacy, and all other essentials are really all at arms' length.

Visit Blue Hills Shopping Centre.

Boulders Shopping Centre

Boulders is another Midrand shopping centre that offers a large and in charge shopping experience. The centre boasts over 100 stores, housing a wide variety of tenants. The centre also offers free undercover parking and open air parking for nearly 2000 vehicles! Whether you need to do a quick grocery dash, are looking for an aesthetic beauty treatment, or even a dentist, you can find it at Boulders.

Visit Boulders Shopping Centre.

Carlswald Lifestyle Centre

Carlswald Lifestyle Centre is an open mall complex in Midrand. Carlswald's open plan is great for the café-style restaurants it houses: shoppers can sit outside and enjoy the sunny weather. Carlswald is all about a comfortable, enjoyable experience, right in the heart of Midrand!

Visit Carlswald Lifestyle Centre.

The Mall of Africa

The crown jewel of retail in Midrand, The Mall of Africa is a shopping destination you truly need several days to fully explore! The largest mall ever built in South Africa in one single phase, the Mall of Africa is home to over 300 shops, many of which are flagship stores. The Mall of Africa also regularly hosts events and promotions for their tenants, as well as for guests. If you're planning a visit, make sure to wear your comfy shoes, you're going to be walking a lot!

Visit The Mall of Africa.

shopping in Midrand

Image Source: The Mall of Africa

China Town Mall

China Town Mall, Midrand is a retail experience unlike any other! If you've never been before, it's now time to get ready to dive into a world of retail adventure in the heart of Midrand. From the latest in fashion trends, to crazy party and event supplies, to everyday household goods and electronics. You can find anything you can imagine, and more! This one-of-a-kind retail hub offers an incredible range of stores, at prices you have to see to believe.

Visit China Town Mall.

Crowthorne Centre

Kyalami has its fair share of malls and shopping centres, and Crowthorne is a firm favourite among locals. Located on the corner of Arthur Avenue and Main Road, Kyalami, Crowthorne is a convenient local centre for all your essentials. If you're a fan of sports, nature, and the great outdoors, you'll definitely want to make a stop at Crowthorne!

Visit Crowthorne.

Midway Mews

Originally a "midway convenience stop" for travellers between Johannesburg, Pretoria and Midrand, Midway Mews does indeed live up to its name! Located on the main Harry Galaun Street, Midway Mews has nearly 40 stores. You can shop for all your essentials, and a large selection of fast-food and dining outlets.

Visit Midway Mews.

Midway Mews

Image from Midway Mews.


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