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Schools in Roodepoort

Schools in Roodepoort

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Are you searching for a primary, pre-primary, high school, or institution of higher learning? Roodepoort is home to a broad selection of high quality private and public educational institutions.  schools in Roodepoort

As one of Johannesburg's oldest areas, and a former city in its own right, Roodepoort is home to many private and public schools. Some of the schools in Roodepoort have long and rich histories tied to the area, some are newer additions. All of these schools have one thing in common: they endeavor to deliver a high standard of education across the board.

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Primary Schools
High Schools
Tertiary Institutions


Discover Montessori

Adhering to the Montessori educational philosophy established over 100 years ago, Discover Montessori is an early childhood development centre that aims to help children discover their potential through a fun, safe and loving environment. Catering for children between the ages of 2 to 6, Discover Montessori Roodepoort will help to ensure their development into productive citizens of society.

Visit Discover Montessori.

Little Ashford Florida Hills

From three months to three years of age, Little Ashford Florida Hills provides an integrated approach to learning. Encompassing a wide range of of skills, abilities and areas, their preschool curriculum also focuses on areas such as physical development, literacy and self-expression. Little Ashford is a comprehensive nursery school, well equipped with staff and facilities to provide a memorable and wholesome preschool experience.

Visit Little Ashford Florida Hills.

Opti-Baby Ruimsig 

Well-being and joy are at the forefront of the Opti-Baby & Kids philosophy. Opti-Baby Ruimsig provides a nurturing environment for children between the ages of three months to five years. Dedicated caregivers and teachers provide a structured curriculum based on age group. All aim to strengthen and enrich:

  • critical thinking 
  • collaboration 
  • creativity
  • communication

Visit Opti-Baby Ruimsig.

schools in Roodepoort

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Primary Schools

Cliff View Primary

Cliffview Primary is a co-ed English medium public school, open to learners from Grade RR to 7. Founded in 1970, Cliffview has always aimed to encourage a culture of responsibility, leadership, tolerance, respect and empathy for others.

Visit Cliff View Primary.

Princess Primary

As an institution with a long and proud history in Roodepoort, Princess Primary prides itself as being a place where your child can reach their full potential.

Visit Princess Primary.

Trinityhouse Preparatory

Trinityhouse Preparatory distinguishes itself as a school through its ethos of future-focused learning. Placing great emphasis on digital literacy and integration of technology, Trinityhouse prepares its students for the future ahead.

Visit Trinityhouse Preparatory.

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High Schools

Crawford International Ruimsig (Maragon)

In line with the Crawford College commitment to excellence in all facets of life, Crawford International Ruimsig, formerly Maragon  Ruimsig, is a private school of high calibre. Located in Roodepoort, this high school aims to give their students the tools to go out into the world and achieve whatever they set their minds to. The school possesses excellent sports facilities, as well as arts, helping students to develop a balanced and healthy mind and body.

Visit Crawford International Ruimsig (Maragon).

Charter College International High School

Charter College is an academically-driven international high school. Following a Cambridge curriculum, students receive internationally-recognised qualifications in a progressive and forward-thinking environment. Classes are kept small, with a maximum of 24 learners per class, and private lessons are available for additional subjects. Athletics and sports are emphasised, and a great deal of sporting and athletic options are available to students of the College.

Visit Charter College International High School.

Hoërskool Roodepoort

Hoërskool Roodepoort is a primarily Afrikaans-medium high school based in Roodepoort. They offer a broad array of academic subjects, as well as a large variety of sports. In addition, they excel at a variety of cultural activities including public speaking, choir, and they run a school magazine.

Visit Hoërskool Roodepoort.

schools in Roodepoort

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Tertiary Institutions


IIE MSA, formerly Monash South Africa, is a tertiary instituation in Roodepoort offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across a range of disciplines. IIE MSA was founded in 2001, and is part of the Independent Institution of Education, a leader in the higher education sector. At IIE MSA you can study IIE undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and qualifications; a Certificate, a Diploma, Degrees, Honours Degrees; Postgraduate Diplomas and Master Degrees as both flexible and full-time study options.

Visit IIE MSA.


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