rain Is Changing The Internet Game, Starting With Gauteng!

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Move over fibre, 5G has finally arrived thanks to rain! For a faster, more affordable and easier way to connect, rain's 5G is changing the internet game, beginning with Gauteng. rain gif 5G internet

5G Is Here!

It feels like just yesterday everyone was trading in their ADSL connection for fibre, and installation trenches were appearing left, right and centre in suburbs throughout the country. But with fibre available to only a select few (only 496,000 South African homes had fibre in 2019), 5G is starting to change the home internet game, beginning with Gauteng!

Experience Faster Streaming on Multiple Devices

Want to watch Netflix on your laptop while your kids stream YouTube videos in the lounge or play their favourite games on your tablet? 5G is the best option for households that want to make the most of a single connection, as it allows for fast streaming for multiple devices at once.

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Good News, It's Cost Effective!

There are more benefits to 5G broadband than just speed. 5G is also an affordable option since it doesn’t require cabling to be laid and connected to your building. All you need is a 5G router, and you’re all set. In this sense, it will cost operators less to deploy, with the savings passed on to the customer.

Right now, network operator rain offers customers unlimited data on the 5G network through two affordable products:

  • rain's standard option gives you download speeds up to 30Mbps with HD (720p) streaming for R699* a month.
  • the rain premium product offers Full HD streaming with network download speeds averaging over 200Mbps for R999* a month.

Both products come with a free-to-use router, and are on a month-to-month basis.

Get Up & Running With Ease

Since 5G is a plug-and-play solution, getting your connection up and running once you have a 5G device is as simple as plugging in a wireless router – no waiting for operators to dig up (and fill in) trenches in the road, or tricky installations.

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Best For Home Use

The one caveat of 5G internet is that while its fast download speeds are great for streaming and browsing, its upload speeds are more suited for home use than business. If you regularly need to upload large files or engage in high-definition video conferencing, fibre may be more suited for your needs.

But for South Africans living in urban areas, rain’s 5G offers an affordable and practical option for home internet, allowing many users to leapfrog older technologies. rain has plans to roll 5G out to metros across the country in the next few months, but in the meantime, Gauteng is the first in the country to enjoy the new generation of home internet.

For More Information

For more information about rain and their 5G offers, visit www.rain.co.za.

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