Poetry Session Spots In The City


Poetry gives us the authority to escape societal norms while getting lost in words… Words so deep and profound that they enable us to feel real empathy for – and a connection to – those who are baring their souls. Poetry is an art form so inspiring that we wanted to share our appreciation of it with you. Can you tell we are passionate about the spoken word?

Poetry Session Spots

Joburg Theatre

Joburg Theatre is known for hosting the best theatre events, from music to plays and poetry sessions. When it comes to poetry, take it from us when we say they bring out the best wordsmiths in the biz. We recommend that you check out their Poetry Dot Slam sessions, where 12 poets selected from the 2018 CSP Workshop programme will be battling it out to win the title of “Queen or King of the Mic” for the month. At the end of the year, the monthly winners will compete against each other for the title of Gauteng Provincial Slam Champion.

Details: | 011 877 6800 | | Joburg Theatre, 163 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

The Living Room: Maboneng

The Living Room in Maboneng is considered the hub of all things fun and creative, and this includes some incredible poetry sessions every now and then. The Living Room entices curiosity, encourages exploration and gives one the feel of togetherness, making it the perfect space to enjoy the art of the word. Be on the look out for any other poetry sessions taking place in the area.

Details: | 084 529 9006 | Living Room, 5th Floor, Main Change Building, 20 Kruger Street, City and Suburban, Johannesburg.

The Orbit

According to us, The Orbit is the godfather of poetry sessions and all things entertainment. The venue comes to life every time poetry sessions are in motion, allowing people to connect and share their art, whether through live performances of music or poetry. The Orbit is situated in Braamfontein, and we all know that there is never a shortage of fun places to visit when you are in and around that hood. Make The Orbit your next cultural entertainment destination! Click here to find all the events they have in store for you.

Details: 011 339 6645 | The Orbit, 81 De Korte Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

P.O.P Art

Art is a beautiful thing; it enables those who dare to dream an opportunity to taste the beauty of a life, whether through music, a play or poetry. P.O.P Art is a place that allows the art of poetry its space. This is the place for deep monologues and dialogues and is a safe haven for all those who are willing to share their words with the masses. Get tangled in some amazing poetic performances.

Details: | 083 245 1040 | POPArt Theatre, 286 Fox Street, City and Suburban, Johannesburg.

Current State Of Poetry

With a Facebook profile that reads “A South African Poetry House with the primary mission of building a stable and sustainable poetry industry,” it’s clear what this place is about. Here, poetry is passionately embraced, and poetry events are hosted at different venues. Visit their Facebook page to find out about upcoming gigs.

Details: | 081 573 2582 | 286 Fox Street, City and Suburban, Johannesburg.


Since 2010, WordNSound has been bringing audiences some of the best young poets South Africa has to offer. They’ve also hosted international poets and launched a digital store where poets can sell their work. WordNSound will be hosting monthly poetry competitions at Bridge Books in the Joburg CBD, and they invite poetry lovers to join them as they enable poets to express their creativity. Check them out on Facebook page, because they have amazing poetry sessions lined up.

Details: | Facebook page

Which other Poetry session spots do you know of around the city? Comment down below!

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