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Must-Visit Restaurants In Bryanston In 2020

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Bryanston is home to an array of amazing restaurants - here are our top picks when it comes to dining in Bryanston.  bryanston restaurants


Gemelli in Bryanston is truly an unforgettable gem. A dining experience at this restaurant is always priceless with the impeccable food experience. It's not just about fine dining, but the experience of dining - from the forks and knives hitting the plates to the laughter and ambience. This Italian restaurant is the epitome of versatility, the menu is full of character and the drinks are delightful.


restaurants bryanston

Wombles Steakhouse

Hobart Grove Centre is home to one of the top steakhouses in Johannesburg - Wombles Steakhouse. They are all about tastes that truly awaken the senses. This family restaurant offers a diverse menu with ample cuts of steak available. The food at Wombles Steakhouse is about more than just steak, they serve prawns, fish, salads and a versatile dessert menu.


Cafe Del Sol Botanico

Sitting at Bryanston Shopping Centre, Café Del Sol Botanico is a slice of heaven waiting for you to come and take a bite. Here, you will be embraced with a warm welcome, a smile, spectacular interior decor and wonderful food. The menu aims to provide traditional country cooking with a twist. The Gorgonzola and Fig Spring Rolls topped with a creamy white wine sauce are a definite must-try.



Perron, in Bryanston, is more than just a Mexican Restaurant, this spot offers a true Mexican experience. The restaurant's combinations and signature Mexican cuisine are full of flavour. From soft shell tacos (made in-house) to slow-cooked pork belly, there is nothing not to love. If you have not paid them a visit yet, do so soon. You won't regret it, we promise.


Hello Tomato

Our Bryanston restaurant list would not be complete without the pizza connoisseurs, Hello Tomato. If you're looking for tasty pizza, this is the place for you. This restaurant offers many pizza and pasta options for you to indulge in. From the traditional Regina to the unusual Loca Pizza, there are many options to explore. We highly recommend the Mary Had A Little Lamb pizza with slow cooked lamb, caramelised onion, garlic, rosemary and mint sauce.


Rockets Restaurant & Cocktail bar

With breathtaking decor and delicious and creative food, Rockets Restaurant & Cocktail Bar is ready to serve you something amazing. The restaurant offers an array of top-class cocktails, so you can finish off your meal with a yummy concoction. We recommend you try out the Rocket Wings served tapas style and washed down with the Silk Panties cocktail. The vibe is relaxed and it's a great spot to start or end an evening.


Bryanston restaurants

Licorish Bistro

Inspired by Cape Malay cooking, Licorish Bistro is a breath of fresh air on the Bryanston culinary scene. Each dish has a new approach to presentation, plating and taste. Licorish bistro brings an authentic and creative flair to food that will leave you feeling inspired. The restaurant is known for its carefully curated wine list, for the perfect wine and dine evening.


Bryanston restaurants

Social On Main

Social On Main is a popular hangout in Bryanston that serves up gourmet street style food. They pride themselves in making delicious food and drinks from scratch. This is the ideal restaurant for an explorer and creator of food. The venue truly compliments the ambience of the restaurant with a relaxed vibe. This is a great spot to enjoy an evening out with your friends.


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Written by Mary-Ann Nyandeni and curated by Shawn Greyling.

Do you know of any other must-visit restaurants in Bryanston? Let us know about them in the comments section below. 


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