Make Your Little One A Chef With Little Cooks Club

The little ones can get quite rowdy and restless when the school holidays come round. To keep them busy, sign them up to Little Cooks Club!


Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients

Little Cooks Club is the brainchild of Christine Phillips, a chef and food extraordinaire. Being a mother made Christine see a world full of opportunity, especially when she observed how her own children had a growing interest in the culinary world.

This inspired her to share her passion and professional expertise by starting a cooking club to help the little ones learn how to cook and bake, while having fun. Cooking is definitely an art, and this is a brilliant idea as it allows children to become creative, develop valuable disciplines, etiquette skills and have loads of fun!

This is a great activity to keep the kids busy during the school holidays.

What’s Cooking In The Kitchen?

Little Cooks Club offers more than just cooking classes, they also offer:

  • Social Skills
  • Confidence In The Kitchen
  • Food & Equipment Terminology

What’s Next On The Menu?

Little Cooks Club now offers something for the whole family – The Timeless Family Food Journal.

This is an interactive food journal full of amazing tastes, flavour and creativity for the family to use, while spending quality time together. You can simply order it on their website.

Have your kids joined the Little Cooks Club? Let us know in the comments section below!

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