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Kids' Cooking Classes In Joburg

Kids' Cooking Classes In Joburg

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Not sure how to teach your children about cooking good food and other kitchen basics? Try out any of these kids' cooking classes and they'll be a mini-MasterChef in no time!

Little Cooks Club

Do you want to start teaching your children the basics of cooking, but you're not sure where to start, or you simply don't have the time for all the prep work? Little Cooks Club is a great place for you to start. Introduce kids between the ages of two and 15 years to the principles of cooking and nutrition, while having fun creating delicious meals, without the worry about cleaning up the mess afterward. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?

Find more information here

Olive Branch Cooking

Olive Branch Cooking School is great for moms and tots looking to bond in a fun, tasty and healthy way. For children between four and 10 years old, you'll make for creative treats and enjoy an introduction to cooking basics. For kids 11 to 16 and students en-route to university, Olive Branch ups the knowledge on cooking basics and cooking good food on a low budget. Any student looking to study away from home will appreciate the skills on learning how to cook on a low budget, without the luxuries of mom's kitchen.

Find more information here.

JHB Culinary & Pastry School

If you're looking to delegate the cooking duties sooner rather than later, but still want to enjoy great food, then you might want to enroll your child into JHB Culinary & Pastry School's JHB Junior Chef's Academy. Taking in children between the ages of nine and 15 years old, your child will be taught the basics in health and safety, pastas and sauces, basic knife skills, stir-fry, panna cotta and many other delicious dishes that might leave you craving for more.

Find more information here.

Tots n Pots

Tots n Pots offers kiddies' cooking workshops, where they teach the little ones a variety of skills, introduce fun and creative recipes each week and give interesting facts about food and useful tips for moms, dads and grannies to take home. These workshops are a great way to teach the children kitchen skills, all the while creating memorable moments and without having to deal with the mess. Tots n Pots also provides a great platform for moms to meet and socialise with other moms.

Find more information here.

Wooden Spoon Kitchen

Have your kids ever made you a Mother's Day or Father's Day breakfast that looked a lot like diabetes on a plate with a side of a heart attack? Any parent would probably fake-eat the food so they wouldn't break their little one's heart. However, you can have your next breakfast, or any other meal, cooked by your kid sorted by taking them to Wooden Spoon Kitchen. Teaching the little ones what real ingredients are and sharing in the love for food is something they have a passion for.

Find more information here.

Oh Crumbs

As Dr Seuss's Cat In The Hat would ask, "Do you love making cupcakes, but hate all the hard cupcake work? I know I do! Well, forget everything you know about making cupcakes and say hello to the amazing Oh Crumbs!" Oh Crumbs is a super-duper mobile baking and art classes service. They travel to different schools and offer a weekly school class at the cost of the parent. School classes are charged per term and consist of 10 lessons. The children will have five baking classes and five craft classes within the term. They also offer private classes/parties and holiday camps. Sound like just the thing you've been looking for? Then make your inquiry today!

Find more information here.

Know of other awesome kids' cooking classes in Joburg not mentioned above? Let us know below!


3 comments on “Kids' Cooking Classes In Joburg”

  1. Taste Buds Cooking Club Sundowner - I had my daughters 4th birthday party there last Sunday and it was SUCH an amazing party that was enjoyed by both the kids and the adults! I HIGHLY recommend them and cant wait to go back! They made our party a breeze!

  2. I would like my ten year old daughter to learn more about cooking she loves to help me cook when i cook she is so inspired in all this cooking please send me more details on the email address below

    1. Hi Tshepi, thank you for your comment. With regards to cooking classes, please contact the venues listed in the article. Their links are provided. I hope this helps.

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