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Kitchen Tea Or Hen Party: Get The Best Joburg Has To Offer

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So, you are about to walk down the aisle, or your lucky friend is, and you want the best Joburg has to offer for all things weddings. There are so many suppliers of wedding stationery, gowns, venues, cakes, you name it. The whole experience can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There is so much to do, and time just doesn’t standstill. We thought we could help you out by dishing out a few tips on the bridal shower, kitchen tea or hen party you’ll have to plan.

We took a poll and our readers have suggested the details below. Of course, you know the bride better, so take what you can from this article and incorporate your own ideas. If it helps, get all the bridesmaids together for a mini spa day at your house. You can buy Clicks beauty products like Sorbet nail polish and the Black Opal brow shaper kit to have a really fun day of pampering. Incorporate some DIY face mask recipes in there to make it a more lively event. Put your heads together in the process and plan the best send off for your friend.


As people arrive at the party destination, you want them to be captivated by what they see. The best reaction you need: ‘this is so Jane’ - the venue must reflect the bride’s personality. Is she a quiet sensual spirit? Maybe a day of pampering at a fancy spa will do the magic since she missed out on your get together earlier. Is she a bright chatty sunflower? Perhaps consider a night out with cocktails and live entertainment. There’s also a high tea option if ‘Jane’ is sophisticated and elegant; this will definitely work out well.

Food & Drinks

There’s nothing that will make your party drab other than ill-prepared food. You will never hear the end of that story, and unfortunately, the reference name will be our dear bride’s. ‘Jane’s hen party had cold, stale food’, or ‘Are you going to Jane’s wedding? Hope the food will not be like it was at the bridal shower’. It’s embarrassing. To avoid such talk, best to get a caterer with references. If you consider a venue that also offers food and drinks, please do go and sample their cuisine first before committing to it.  We do want the best Joburg has to offer right!


It’s always fun to dress up to attend an event. You somehow feel more special as an invited guest because you identify with the rest of the group. Perhaps it’s that sense of belonging we all yearn for. So, consider putting a theme to your festivities.  It doesn’t have to be Burlesque style for all hen parties -  though it is fun. Take into consideration the venue you’ve chosen and the food options too. Think of movie titles or TV shows the bride likes - is it prim and proper Mary Poppins or Bridgerton pomposity? Maybe naughty but nice Cat Woman? Do all you can to make it a day to remember. It would be good to include where to hire costumes in your invites so that no one shows up underdressed.

Things like party favours, MC, program for the day etc, are worth looking into as well. If you will consider DIY on some, make sure you still keep the bride’s personality and party theme in mind. Have fun!


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