A Jungle Gym Is All A Kid Wants

All kids want to do is play, and why wouldn’t they – it’s fun! Why not check out these cool Jungle Gym Spots to sort out that play area for them…

A Jungle Gym Is All A Kid Wants

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Kids are always up and about, and ready to play at every chance that they get. One thing that I’m sure every kid dreams of even though they probably don’t even know what it’s called is a Jungle Gym.

What better than to have a jungle gym in your own home, honestly, it will save you more money than you can ever imagine and you get to be the cool mom and dad.

Ze Jungle Gym

Why You It’s A Must Have?

Well! If being the cool parent is not enough to make you go about Joburg to find the best jungle gym then we’ve got more reason why this is the best idea.

Firstly, you don’t have to use tons of unnecessary money when hosting parties with hiring some kids entertainment to keep the kids occupied and having fun. They will have all that they need so think of this as a long term investment.

It’s always good to make sure that the kids learn more about themselves at an earlier stage, when they have a jungle gym; they can stay fit and learn more about the capabilities of their little bodies.

If you have a day care facility, even better. Part of the criteria of having a creche includes having facilities for active development and a play area.

Sleep overs and play dates will always be the best at your spot.

Lastly, it’s Fun! That’s all kids really want.

Jungle Gyms Johannesburg

Monkey Trix

If you are looking for wood specific jungle gyms then the place to find it is Monkey Trix.

They also have tons of options to choose from including the option of designing your own, talk about putting a unique twist to making it even more special.

However, if you just want to get something cool and a ready design, they have also have some amazing imported quality goods to choose from.

Their service includes installation, delivery and setup, maintenance and manufacturing so you don’t have to worry about the extra admin.

Jungle Gyms Johannesburg


Alers has the most amazing jungle gyms, not only for toddlers and juniors. They also have super cool ones for seniors so you can get something for the age bracket you are looking.

They have a variety of options which include fantasy gyms, single products such as slides, swings, balancing equipment and many more.

Alers is situated in Centurion, at the brink of Joburg and Pretoria however don’t fear because they do deliver to Johannesburg and pride themselves in their 100% delivery rate.

Jungle Gyms Johannesburg

Geppetto’s World

Don’t want to go the traditional route? Geppetto’s World is the place to visit if you want to go for that modern look.

They have an amazing unique variety that ranges from their Play Soft range to educational systems that can be assembled to create something unique.

They have massive jungle gyms as well as plastic play gyms however they vouch for the safety of their products so worry not mom and dad.

And there we are, with our playful tac tics, a valley of jungle gym spots you can explore.

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